120mm X 3mm Borosilicate Glass Plate, 3D printer Build Surface, Mini Delta

120mm round 3mm thick borosilicate glass plate. This was designed to work with Monoprice MP Mini Delta, but will also work with any small delta printer than can use a 120mm diameter build area. Borosilicate glass plates are ideally suited for use with 3D printers because they are naturally flat and resistant to thermal shock and warp that can affect other types of glass.

Product Features

  • 120mm round 3mm thick 100% Borosilicate glass plate
  • Low thermal expansion and resistant to thermal shock
  • Very flat surface for 3D printing
  • Great fit on Monoprice MP Mini Delta, slightly over sized to allow for quick alignment

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3 thoughts on “120mm X 3mm Borosilicate Glass Plate, 3D printer Build Surface, Mini Delta”

  1. Works perfect for my Mp Mini Delta. Attached to my MP Mini Delta with some clips, so the glass is easy to take on and off. Prints came out great with . Didn’t even use a thermal pad. Just takes a minute or two longer for the glass to heat up.Also, I’m one of the lucky few (many?) that has the bed leveling issue, so I need to use rafts to get a good print. Once I fix that I…

  2. This round, 120mm piece of borosilicate glass fits perfectly on my MP Delta Mini 3D printer and so far, seems to be perfectly flat. I use extra hold hairspray on the glass and my prints adhere fine and are easier to remove than with the original Buildtac.I used a thermal pad that I cut using…

  3. It’s a glass bed. There’s nothing special about the product itself, it does what it should and does it well. However, I really have to point out how awesome the seller is. After I made the purchase but before it arrived I received an email from Amazon. I’m used to getting these and they tend to be auto-generated messages with thinly-veiled pleas for good reviews. This one, however, wasn’t anything like that. Instead it was full of good information and links for people that own the MP Mini…

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