3D Pen Nozzle/Printer Head Part Replacement /Nib Replacement, Works for 1.75MM PLA& ABS Filament

Used for 1.75mm ABS & PLA filament
Compatibility asin: B01N7RZFTY/B01MY82BSE
Material :non-metal aerial material
Package Includes :
1 x Nozzle for 3D Printing Pen

Product Features

  • Nib replacement(heater and nozzle )works for 1.75mm ABS & PLA Filament with Tipeye normal temperature 3d printing pen asin: B01N7RZFTY/B01MY82BSE
  • Enhanced ceramic material for greater reliability and longer service life
  • Safety design so it is asy to remove and replace
  • Pay attention to the temperature of the nozzle when using.Please do not touch it.

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3 thoughts on “3D Pen Nozzle/Printer Head Part Replacement /Nib Replacement, Works for 1.75MM PLA& ABS Filament”

  1. Love being able to set my own temperature for each speed setting! Great for any artist who wants to dab in 3D printing! Tipeye 3D Drawing Pen is easy to use, so it could be good for older children. Yet, this pen is really designed to accomplish many quality projects. You are able to use PLA or ABS and control the temperatures. There is a low, medium and high for both filaments. Although, there are default temps for each speed level you can change the degrees while still in your chosen speed. Different brand filaments melt and flow at different temperatures. That’s why…

  2. Great 3D Pen!! I had always wanted to try a 3D pen and the price of those offered was a big deterrent. I had seen this at a reasonable price and thought I should give it a try. Overall it is really easy to use and I was making shapes and letters in no time! In my classroom we use 3D printers so I was familiar with the process and knew that using blue painters tape would help the PLA filament to stick to a surface so I could make some designs. I am sure that it may…

  3. My first 3d pen I bought this pen or my 3d printing projects so I can weld together pieces of my large prints. It’s actually pretty easy to use considering this is my first one. I was able to figure out how to load the filament and start drawing within 5 minutes of plugging it in so it is very easy to use if you don’t already own one.It has 3 speed settings and the low is perfect or detailed drawing where the high is good to fill in gaps or to make solid…

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