3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen Set with 75 Filaments (600′. of Extruded Plastic), Quartz Grey, 2019 Model

Now with dual drive, the new Create+ 3D printing pen is completely re-engineered to give you an ultra smooth and enhanced Doodling experience. Improvements include greater durability, reduced chances of nozzle clogging, and better speed control for doodling over big spaces or intricate details.

Product Features

  • ⚙️【ALL NEW DUAL DRIVE TECHNOLOGY】: The world’s first in a 3D printing device. Featuring improved power, durability, and reliability for a superior doodling experience.
  • ⚙️【HIGHEST QUALITY & SAFEST MATERIAL】: Compatible only with 3Doodler non-toxic plastic, ABS, FLEXY and wood plastics, Made in the USA, UK & Spain, and available in over 70 colors.
  • ❤️【EASY TO USE】: Just Plug the 3D Pen in, insert Plastic, Wait for the 3D Pen to heat up and then you’re good to extrude!
  • ✅【FREE 15 COLORS OF PLASTIC REFILLS AND STENCIL BOOK】: This 3D Pen comes packed with 15 colors of Plastic refills and a comprehensive activity guide book. The 3D Printing pen is compatible with 3mm PLA, ABS and Flexy Plastic.
  • ✅【 & SATISFACTION 】: We deliver on our promises and our awesome customer service team is here to help should you have questions about your 3Doodler, or any other issues you may have. Contact us on [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen Set with 75 Filaments (600′. of Extruded Plastic), Quartz Grey, 2019 Model”

  1. Worth the money. Ignore warranty buy spools. 2.85 MM/3 MM size. Works every time. Heats fast. Only jam was super simple to clear. Got it on sale so even better. Fits in the hand perfectly. Buttons are perfect size for me. Just perfect for the business I’m starting. Dont be taken in by their “USE OUR FILAMENT ONLY!” Void your warrenty the filament size is 2.85MM. I bought THE cheapest roll of ABS filament in that size and it works perfectly fine. Just cut a strand off the spool and straighten it a bit. If it doesn’t fully catch rotate it and reinsert. I have…

  2. Art taken to a new level I really enjoyed the 3Doodler. My kids enjoyed it as well. We all like to draw and be creative, this takes the creativity to a whole new and different level. You lift your pen off the paper and go into the 3rd dimension…up! The 3Doodler is a bit more expensive than other brands, but I decided to purchase this because of the company’s claim that their PLA and ABS plastic are non-toxic and do not contain harmful metals, that I would expect in cheaper plastic used by 3d printers. I own a 3d…

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