507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices

This is the classic about mechanical things and devices, using simple drawings to explain 507 of the small components that constitute complex machinery. Left-hand pages show illustrations, and facing pages offer brief descriptions of use and operation. Ranging from simple to complex, the mechanisms include cranks, pulleys, drills, wheels, and screws.

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2 thoughts on “507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices”

  1. Exactly what you would expect and worth it! Perfect for the basement tinkerer. This book may not be as comprehensive in its descriptions as “Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors,” but it is only 1/20th the price.The illustrations are simple and easy to understand. Often they show the isolated mechanism or mechanical movement independent of any other components. This is great because sometimes all the extra gobbledygook of a technical schmatic can make understanding things a real chore.If you’re an engineer looking for mathmatical equations and formulas, this book is not going to help. The text is made up of very simple generalizations, such as, “changes rotational motion into reciprocating motion.”Great as brain excercise, great bathroom reader, and economically priced to boot!

  2. A concise catalog of mechanisms If you are looking for mechanical inspiration and are short on shelf space, cash, or time, this book is a really good choice.The left hand page of each spread shows 6 to 9 mechanisms (or “Contrivances” as they were called). The Right hand page gives a short description of the mechanisms.Almost all of the mechanisms shown in this book are very practical and straightforward. I have no doubt that they represent tried-and-true solutions to real-world problems.You get a lot for the price with this book!

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