ANYCUBIC Chiron Auto Leveling 3D Printer with Ultrabase Heatbed, Huge Build Volume 400x400x450mm


Product Features

  • Huge Build Volume: 400*400*450mm, More space for creation
  • Matrix Automatic Leveling: Automatically detect 25 points, supports real-time adjustment, Real-time compensation of nozzle height.
  • High Quality Extruder: Provides better printing experience of flexibles
  • Dual Z Axis Photoelectric Limit Switches: Offers more stable levelness of the print bed
  • Modular Design: Quick assembly saves your time to enjoy the printing and creation

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3 thoughts on “ANYCUBIC Chiron Auto Leveling 3D Printer with Ultrabase Heatbed, Huge Build Volume 400x400x450mm”

  1. DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER – YOULL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN This is the second time i’ve posted a review for this printer, because I deleted the first one. Anycubic offered me a discount on a different printer if I deleted the review, which also turned out to be VERY POOR QUALITY and I ended up not even receiving the discount that was promised.What an absolute roller-coaster this has been, and i’m referring to not only the two printers i’ve purchased through Anycubic, but Anycubic as a company.A few weeks ago, I purchased the…

  2. impressive My first impression was wow what a nice 3d printer. For me the auto leveling worked just great and I really love the touch screen. This printer has a really large print bed, which I thought was a really good thing. As it turns out because it is so large it cannot move forward and backwards quickly which translates into a really slow printer. As an example I printed to a hallow rocket using Cura slicer claiming print time of 5hr.11min. this printer took 9hrs. 32min. I put the same identical…

  3. Nothing but problems out of the box I just received the printer and nothing but problems. The method of auto leveling the bed is misleading in the manual. After many attempts without success I finally found the process on Youtube and got the sensor to measure the bed. When I tried to print the level test gcode the printer just sat there. Nothing happened for an hour. Neither the extruder or the bed were heating. I decided to heat the nozzle and the bed manually and no success. While the nozzle did heat the bed just stayed at room…

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