Artillery Sidewinder X1 SW-X1 3D Printer

Technical Specification:

Layer Resolution:0.1mm

Frame:Aluminum Extrusion

XYZ Positioning Accuracy:0.05mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm

Printing Filament : PLA, ABS, TPU, Flexible Materials

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

Machine Dimensions: 550 x 405 x 640 mm,550 x 405 x 870 mm (with spool holder),21.65 x 15.94 x 25.20 in,21.65 x 15.94 x 34.25 in (with spool holder)

Shipping Box Dimensions: 780 x 540 x 250 mm,30.71 x 21.26 x 9.84 in

Machine Weight: 14kg

Shipping Weight:16.5kg

Maximum Print Speed:150 mm/s

Maximum Travel Speed:250mm/s

Build Volume:300 x 300 x 400 mm,11.81 x 11.81 x 15.75 in

Extruder Type: Titan Extruder (Direct Drive)

Maximum Build Plate Temperature:130C

Power Requirement: 110V – 240V 600W max (with heated bed turned on)

Connectivity: USB, TF Card, USB Stick

Control Board:MKS Gen L

Nozzle Type: Volcano

Special Feature:

Exclusive Ultra-Quiet Stepper Driver

Synchronized Dual Z System

Direct Drive Extruder,Filament Runout Detection and Recovery

Power Loss Detection and Recovery

Rapid Heating AC Heat Bed

Touch Screen Control

Product Features

  • Expandable filament holder, support 0.5-3kg filament roll.Easy assembly, come 95% pre-assembled.
  • FFC cabling system, tidy, good looking.Synchronized Dual Z System, stabler X axis, always level on both ends.
  • Direct Drive Extruder with Volcano nozzle, better control over fast extrusion.
  • AC heated glass build platform, faster heating, 80C in 80 seconds, 110C in 130 seconds.
  • Exclusive ultra-quiet stepper drivers.Patent pending Z nut coupler, smoother Z movements.

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3 thoughts on “Artillery Sidewinder X1 SW-X1 3D Printer”

  1. Five different issues in first week! My son wanted to upgrade from his XYZ printer. We diligently watched all the videos prior to arrival. Packaging was good, but that’s where the fun ended. Right off the bat the poorly manufactured allen bolts stripped while trying to tighten them to get the filament holder mounted.We quickly noticed that the filament run out sensor did not work either. This is important because it needs to have the blue light on for the machine to function. We tried to rig it with another type…

  2. Artillery keeps improving I read a lot of reviews before buying the Artillery SWX1 and was aware of some issues that people had with previous versions of these printer. The one I received had already solved most, following are some of them:1. Belts had proper tension2. X belt was folded correctly and cable ties where holding it up properly3. Main board cooling fan was relocated to the bottom of the printer to minimize noise4. Rollers already adjusted, only had to do a minor teak at the…

  3. 4 stars Edit: After installing the new thermistor, this machine works butter smooth. The loudest part about this machine are the fans, and that’s being picky. You are going to print some large things with all this build platform and I would have no problem sleeping in the same room as this machine. It only comes with 1x 0.4mm nozzle though, so you will want to purchase a few more (or perhaps a 0.6mm if you want to print large objects faster). This printer does come with a spare ribbon cable in each…

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