Blu – Strong and Precise High Resolution 3D Printing Resin by Siraya Tech (Clear V2)

While we recommend printing Blu at temperature 25C or above, a heater is not required.

Blu Clear V2 prints same speed as Blu

Introducing Blu by Siraya Tech, the best tough resin that performs under stress. It balances between strength and hardness and is ideal for making functional parts that are strong yet with some flexibility. Unlike many resins on the market that are too brittle to handle even the slightest drop, Blu has excellent mechanical properties that can withstand forces without breaking easily. We were able to make a hook with it and pull up 20kg weight without breaking. Imagine the kind of projects you can do with it. 

Product Features

  • Great for making functional parts
  • Formulated for LCD resin printer but can work for DLP printers
  • Smooth surface with great resolution
  • Best when resin temperature is above 25C
  • Blu Clear V2 prints at same speed as original Blu

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3 thoughts on “Blu – Strong and Precise High Resolution 3D Printing Resin by Siraya Tech (Clear V2)”

  1. Love it. My goal is to make engineered and functional parts that are high-strength and precision fitting. Parts that have to be assembled. I use a Photon printer, and have been gaugeing resins to see which ones print true to size. Blu prints +- 0.1mm or better without any manual adjustment – the best that I have tested of any resin.This is higher viscosity than most LCD resins, so it is best to heat the printer to 30 degrees C., and that is as easy as using a temp controller and then plug in…

  2. Wonderful to mix with other resins Adding this to other resins gives you the benefit of the added strength without the gummy and difficult printing, if you are building parts for use in a mchanical setting, you may beed to use a heater and 100% this resin, but for miniatures, a 50% mix of this and another resin (i use elegoo gray) results in amazing printsOLD REVIEW before mixing:This resin is not “easy to use” and despite the description, DOES REQUIRE A HEATER. I shake my resin, store in 78 degree F home, and…

  3. Great Resin – Highly Recommended One of the best resin that I’ve work.3D printing with resin is not only about the 3D printer machine , but is very important to select the correct resin.Is important to know the properties and settings of each resin you work.In some cases you can use same settings to different type of resin, BUT doesn’t meant that will work to every resin.This resin compared with others resin for DLP , LCD 3D printer has advantage of , not be so brittle and has great strength and…

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