Nema 17 Bipolar Stepper Motors RepRap DIY 3D Printer Parts 5.5 kg-cm 76oz-in (Pack of 5)

(5) Kysan Electronics NEMA 17 Stepper Motors.
Ideal for 3D Printer. Mfg: 42BYGH4803-DC.
Kysan Electronics SKU: 1124090

Product Features

  • High Torque: 5.5 kg-cm, 53.9 N-cm, 76 oz-in, 4.77 lb-in
  • 4.2 Volt, 1.5 Amp, 1.8 deg per step
  • 21 mm long, 5 mm Shaft with D Cut
  • 2 Phase, Resistance per Phase 2.8 Ohms
  • 200 Steps per Revolution, Inductance 4.8 mH, Class B Insulation

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Meaci® Iphone 5c Case 3in1 Combo Hybrid Defender High Impact Body Armorbox Hard Pc&silicone Case with 1x Diamond Anti-dust Plug Stopper-random Color (white&black)

Delivering everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust and everyday hazards, you will definitely stand out from the crowd with this unique designed hardcase especially fitted for your phone. The case features a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible hard case with an extremely slim profile. Designed to allow for your phone to be fully usable whilst in the case, there are cutouts for all of the ports and features. This means you will not have to remove the case to use the full capabilities of your phone. With our new slim-fitting low profile design, this case provides the robust protection of a hard case and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. Carefully crafted for a precise fit, this case features full body protection in a slim, bulk-free fashionably-aware package that enhances your phones aesthetics.


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Product Features

  • Against shocks,Highest Quality,Strong, reliable and durable
  • Perfect Fit,Aesthetic design, Excellent Protection against shocks
  • Designed to allow for your phone to be fully usable whilst in the case, there are cutouts for all of the ports and features
  • 1 x Free Anti-dust Plug Stopper(Random Color) included
  • cell phone not included

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Replace Parts for Discontinued Machines with 3D Printing

Jay Leno is a visionary. As the owner of a fleet of vintage cars with numerous obsolete parts, he knows firsthand just how difficult it is to maintain such vehicles.

The necessary replacement parts are either impossible to find, expensive to replicate using traditional machining methods, or not quite the right fit. Enter 3D printing to the rescue. Some have uses the NextEngine 3D scanner and Dimension 3D printer to great results.

The scanner can create a highly detailed digital model, while the 3D printer replicated an exact copy in plastic. This is used to create a mold, or in some cases, machinists can use the direct laser sintering method to create a replacement part in cobalt-chrome.

The advantage of this technique is that the result is more precise, and any mistake can be corrected at a negligible cost. Contrast this with the cost of a machinist, who will still be paid, even if there are discrepancies in the output. The result with the 3D printers is more precise, less costly, and less time-consuming.

The scanner and printer are not cheap, but if you have the money to spend, this is a good investment, especially if you are a vintage machine enthusiast.