Comgrow Creality Ender 3 3D Printer Aluminum DIY with Resume Print 220x220x250mm

Modeling Technology:FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Printing Size:220*220*250mm
Machine Size:440*410*465mm
Package weight:8.6kg
Max Traveling Speed:180mm/s
Filament:1.75mm PLA
Input:AC 100-265V 50-60Hz
Output:DC 24V 15A 360W
Layer Thickness:0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
File Format:STL,OBJ,G-Code
Working Mode:Online or SD offline
Max Nozzle Temperature:255℃
Max Hot bed Temperature:110℃
Resume print after power off: Yes

Product Features

  • Resume Print Function: Ender 3 has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs.
  • Easy and Qucik Assembly: It comes with several assembled parts, you only need about 2 hours to assemble 20 nuts well.
  • Advanced Extruder Technology: Upgraded extruder greatly reduces plugging risk and bad extrustion; V-shape with POM wheels make it move noiseless, smoothly and durable.
  • Safety Protected Power Supply: Only needs 5 minutes for hot bed to reach 110℃.
  • Strict Test: Strict testing for key components before delivery and life-time technical supports available.

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3 thoughts on “Comgrow Creality Ender 3 3D Printer Aluminum DIY with Resume Print 220x220x250mm”

  1. I have to admit – a sturdy piece of hardware… I recently purchased a Prusa3d printer kit which was three times the price of this so I was suitably skeptical but when I received the package I was pleasantly surprised. For a noob it’ll be a bit frustrating because the instructions were basic but think it through and it’ll make sense and there are a good number of youtube videos to watch to resolve any build challenges. Took me about 90 minutes of careful construction (compared to 8+ for the Prusa3d but that has a 100+ page build…

  2. Comgrow custom support is the best. Bought this for myself for Christmas, It arrived on the eve early enough that I could assemble it before work. it came with all the tools required, screws, washers, Allen wrenches in a few sizes and fold out instructions. The instructions were clear but I still got confused. Grab a youtube video to assist you in putting it together as somethings are better to do out of order to save a headache down the line.It took about an hour ina half to get it put together and fired up, I loaded…

  3. Good enough to buy two So a week ago I bought (and reviewed a Sainsmart Ender 3. I liked it so much I bought another one – this time from Creality.Same notes apply. since I had recent experience with the abbreviated build sequence for turning a surprisingly small box of pieces into a functioning printer, this lit up in less than an hour.Same caveats apply – the y-axis and Z-axis limit switches require tweaking. The Y-axis is fixed and as it comes from the factory it won’t stop the table…

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