Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Navigator

Tap the touchscreen then hit the trail with Oregon 450t. This next-generation handheld features a rugged, touchscreen along with preloaded topographic maps, 3-D map views, a high-sensitivity receiver, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, microSD card slot, picture viewer and more. Even exchange tracks, waypoints, routes and geocaches wirelessly between similar units.Tap the touchscreen then hit the trail with Oregon 450t. This next-generation handheld features a rugged, touchscreen along with preloaded topographic maps, 3-D map views, a high-sensitivity receiver, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, microSD card slot, picture viewer and more. Even exchange tracks, waypoints, routes and geocaches wirelessly between similar units.

Touch and Go
Oregon 450t leads the way with a tough, 3-inch diagonal, sunlight-readable, color, touchscreen display that offers crystal clear enhanced colors and high-resolution images. Its easy-to-use interface means you’ll spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time searching for information. With user-selectable dashboards, you can customize the appearance of your display. Both durable and waterproof, Oregon 450t is built to withstand the elements. Bumps, dust, dirt, humidity and water are no match for this rugged navigator.

Explore Backcountry in 3-D

3-axis compass view.

Geocaching view.

Map and compass view.

Upcoming elevation view.

Oregon’s preloaded U.S. or European topographic maps, 3-D map view and a built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief give you all the tools for serious climbing or hiking. Map detail includes national, state and local parks and forests, along with terrain contours, elevation information, trails, rivers, lakes and points of interest. Just in case you’re wondering how steep that hill really is, Oregon’s 3-D map view helps you visualize your surroundings — giving you a better perspective of the elevation.

Share Wirelessly
With Oregon 450t you can share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly other compatible Oregon, Colorado and Dakota users. Now you can send your favorite hike to your friend to enjoy or the location of a cache to find. Sharing data is easy. Just touch “send” to transfer your information to similar units.

Find Fun
Oregon 450t supports GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit. By going paperless, you’re not only helping the environment but also improving efficiency. Oregon stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper print outs! Simply upload the GPX file to your unit and start hunting for caches. Show off photos of your excursions with Oregon’s picture viewer. Slim and lightweight, Oregon is the perfect companion for all your outdoor pursuits.

Get Your Bearings
Oregon 450t has a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, which shows your heading even when you’re standing still, without holding it level. Its barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude, and you can even use it to plot barometric pressure over time, which can help you keep an eye on changing weather conditions. See changes in your elevation ahead of you and where you’ve been with enhanced track navigation. With its high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction, Oregon 450t locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its GPS location even in heavy cover and deep canyons.

Add Maps
Conveniently plug in optional preloaded microSD cards for all your outdoor activities on land or water (see the Maps tab for compatible maps). Just insert a MapSource card with detailed street maps, and Oregon provides turn-by-turn directions to your destination. Access whitewater runs or explore equestrian trails by purchasing US Trailmaps for Whitewater and Equestrian. Or, you can add regional, detailed trail and lake information with our TOPO U.S. 24K maps. With BlueChart g2, you’ll get everything you need for a great day on the water including depth contours, navaids and harbors. The card slot is located inside the waterproof battery compartment, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Get Connected
You’ve been busy exploring and now you want to store and analyze your activities. With a simple connection to your computer and to the Internet, you can get a detailed analysis of your activities and send tracks to your outdoor device using Garmin Connect. This one-stop site offers an activity table and allows you to view your activities on a map using Google Earth. Explore other routes uploaded by millions of Garmin Connect users and share your experiences on Twitter and Facebook. Getting started is easy, so get out there, explore, and share.

Oregon 450t: Touch the great outdoors.

What’s in the Box
Oregon 450t, carabiner clip, USB cable, and quick start manual

Product Features

  • 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass and barometric altimeter
  • Improved 3″ sunlight-readable, color, touchscreen display, enhanced clarity
  • Preloaded U.S. Topo 100K
  • Wirelessly share routes, tracks, waypoints and geocaches between units
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix for improved performance and reception

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3 thoughts on “Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Navigator”

  1. THE OREGON IS AWESOME (Works Both On Road and Off-Road) As of May 6, 2010 I have had and used this product extensively for about six weeks. The software on the unit has been updated to the latest which is version 3.40. I do a lot of cross-country driving and I go off road several times a week especially in remote locations with no trails.For those that do not wish to read the rest of this review let me just say that THE OREGON IS AWESOME and I recommend it to anyone for both On-Road and Off-Road.Runs on AA batteries which is a godsend when traveling as you can purchase them anywhere around the world. You can also utilize rechargeable batteries. Keep in mind the unit will not recharge batteries but you can make your unit run off of external power conserving your batteries. You can utilize any charger with a USB connection to do this. You must however have the unit set up to Garmin Spanner in Setup>System>Interface setting configured, otherwise the unit will go into USB mass storage mode and you will not be able to use the GPS.This unit will support navigating to geo-tag photographs. This technology is becoming more prevalent as more and more digital cameras are now geo-tagging their photographs. Not to mention Google has a ton of geo-tagged photographs that one can download. Now if you ever find a photograph you like that is geo-tagged all you have to do is click on the picture in your Oregon and it will take you directly to the spot where the picture was taken.The size of the Oregon is amazing and it will fit into a pocket quite easily and comfortably which may not be an issue when you’re outdoors and have a pack but when you are walking the city streets it is a huge advantage over the Garmin 60csx.Let me just say I have owned the Garmin 60csx as well and I will make some important comparisons to that unit that are relevant for everyday use. Please note that the Garmin 60csx is also a phenomenal GPS and this review is not meant to discredit the unit in anyway.Let’s get to the point of accuracy. Plain and simple the Oregon is not as accurate as the 60csx. Having said that it is plenty accurate. In most situations I will get around 13 feet of accuracy on the road on the Oregon. The 60csx in a similar environment will get about 9 feet of accuracy. For driving it is not that big of a deal. For outdoor use in most situations it makes no difference. This unit will lock on to satellites indoors in most structures just like the 60csx.As far as locking onto a signal I never have problems with the Oregon. The first time out of the box took maybe 2 minutes for it to lock on. Ever since then it takes less than 2 seconds even when I have a few days that goes by without using the unit which is not often since I love my Oregon.Addressing the screen. As far as brightness goes, again the 60csx is definitely brighter in direct sunlight. In other environments you really cannot tell the difference. What most people don’t realize is that the Oregon screen has a much higher resolution then the 60csx which is a lot more crucial for reading topographical maps and for general navigation. It is because of this higher resolution screen that you have less brightness associated with the Oregon.The brightness in direct sunlight is not an issue for me with the Oregon as a matter of fact I turn the brightness down to zero and the display can be read perfectly well in direct sunlight (you will have to play with the angles in which you view the device more so than with the 60csx). The capability of having a touch screen is a huge advantage over the 60csx in my opinion. The one thing that the Oregon doesn’t have is a dedicated Mark Waypoint button that I miss from my 60csx, this is a huge feature missing from the Oregon.The actual software is pretty good on the Oregon however I wish it would have used some of the neat features they developed for the 60csx. Having said that the software and the trip computer are for the most part completely customizable. There are too many to get into in this short of a review but there is plenty of information comparing the two software versions on the Internet.The Oregon does have profiles which can be set and this is very useful not only for setting up the GPS for different environments such as Off-Road and On-Road navigation but also for the preferences of different users.To anyone interested in how this unit performs in the car the answer is simple, GREAT. I have no issues for using the Oregon to navigate the roadways anywhere I go. Although the Oregon does not speak the street names it will give an audio beep for upcoming important notifications. You can have custom POI. You can have proximity alerts.There are routable maps available which means the unit will notify you when you need to make turns and on what side your destination is located on. You can send addresses from Google maps…

  2. One year after I have owned the Oregon 550T for a year now and I think I have used every of its most important features, accessories and software. My overall rating is that there is room for improvement, its accessories are very expensive but it is one of the top hiking GPS products compared to others. There is so much stuff that can be reviewed so I’ll try to cover purchasing decision factors and how-to tips that I think will be valuable for the ones looking for real and tested decision information.- ACCURACY: I have used my Oregon mostly in the Shenandoah, VA area and have done hiking in South America as well. One point in behalf of the Oregon is its ability to quickly pick satellite reception and pinpoint your location. I have noticed though that when you drastically change your location, let’s say North American vs. South America, the GPS will need more time to discover the satellites in that area, but after that, it reconnects quickly.One not pleasant detail is that even when you walk back and forth over the same trail and spot, the GPS shows your tracks several feet apart. The accuracy of the GPS from my measurements is around 25 feet and often more. You may want to remember this when hiking and trying to find the trail the GPS tells you is there. You may find it 25 feet “around” you and not exactly in the direction the GPS is telling you it is. I think its accuracy requires improvement.Initially I thought this is a problem in my GPS so I contacted Garmin’s support and I was told basically what I suspected. The accuracy is not 2 or 3 feet but a whole lot more. I think is not too different to a car GPS in this regards. I also found that once you tap on the satellite signal in the GPS it will provide you the GPS accuracy which often displays a number between 30 and 49. To me this is something that requires urgent improvement. The mission of a GPS is ultimately let you know where your trails are, not providing accurate information is failing to its basic mission.- MAPS AND PRELOADED MAP: The Oregon 550T comes preloaded with the US Topo 100K. This is a very low detail map. My experience tells me that many well-known park trails are missing, camp information is missing and basic routes are missing as well. It is just an awfully basic, high level map. I felt very disappointed to know that my over 500+ bucks didn’t give me anything better so I contacted Garmin regarding this. I wanted something with more details so they kindly recommended me to get the Garmin Topo US 24K DVD for my area (Southeast DVD) which is $129.99 or an BirdsEye imagery subscription for one year (more about this last one later in my review) but they require of purchasing an additional microSD Card. Expenditures continue.- ADDITIONAL CARD: Technical support told me that the maximum microSD card supported by the Oregon 550t is 4GB so I got one. Make sure to review the microSD card speed before you buy it. There are several speeds, make sure to get the fastest possible to make sure uploading and downloading data doesn’t becomes mission impossible. Installation of the card is hassle free and it got it in quickly. There is very little you can do with the card and the GPS alone if you don’t have the necessary software tools to move maps around with your GPS. I’ll talk about that later in my review.- OTHER MAPS, DVDS OR CARDS OR WHAT: If you have been browsing Garmin’s website you may have noticed an interesting assortment of products. They have the same maps in several formats: DVD, microSD and download. I contacted support and ask them what format is more convenient and why. Michael S from their technical team gave me this great answer: “Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I would be happy to assist you with this. For most of our maps there are typically 3 options: Getting a disk, doing the download or getting the preprogrammed data card. When you get the disk you have these on both the computer and the unit. You can load these Topo maps onto as many Garmin mapping handhelds that you own since it is not a locked product. With the preprogrammed data card, the maps are just on the card. They cannot be viewed on the computer unless the Oregon is plugged in and Basecamp is running. They also cannot be backed up. It can be put into any Garmin unit that accepts microSD/SD cards as it is not locked to a particular unit, but it can only be in one unit at one time. With the downloadable content, it is downloaded directly to your microSD card. The map can be backed up on the computer, but it cannot be viewed on the computer unless the Oregon is plugged in and Basecamp is running. The map is also locked to the unit you downloaded it to, and cannot be viewed in any other Garmin unit. As for the DVD version of the 24k Mid-Atlantic, the DVD is still forthcoming and will include both the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. The part number for the DVD is 010-11319-00 and will be $129.99. If you have…

  3. Good but not perfect After using the 550t for several weeks, I find the unit good but not perfect. It still has some issues, one of which I have been in touch with Garmin over. The main issue I have is it will periodically corrupt the track file and stop showing the tracks on the map or allowing for elevation plots on the tracks. The only way to clear it is to attach the unit to a computer and replace the track file with a new one from the computer.The compass sometimes loses it’s way and needs to be recalibrated.I have not had an issue with the accuracy under tree cover, that some have reported, but I have had a few tracks that were not 100% accurate. Walking on known roads, it will be several 100 feet off in some cases. I am not sure if this is an issue with the preloaded Topo 2008 maps, or the unit’s accuracy.I love the camera and the tagging of each photo.For a new unit, it is not bad, but it still shows a few rough edges.Just an update – After comparing the tracks for accuracy, I found it was the 2008 Topo maps that were off. When superimposed over the City Navigator NT 2009 Street maps, the 550t was dead on. So the accuracy concerns I have are shifted from the 550t itself to the topo maps it comes loaded with.

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