Gizmo Dorks 1.75mm HIPS Filament 1kg / 2.2lb for 3D Printers, White

Gizmo Dorks
We provide the highest quality 3D printing materials such as ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, and more. Our filaments are run with tight tolerances. There are no air bubbles or oily residues. Every filament comes loaded on a durable, hard plastic spool, not a cheap, flimsy cardboard spool.

HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene, is very similar to ABS. They share a lot of the same characteristics and qualities. However, HIPS is used with different solvents versus ABS. Limonene is used with HIPS instead of Acetone for ABS. Since Limonene does not affect ABS, HIPS is commonly used as a supporting material. HIPS is versatile, economical, and impact resistant.

Compatible with RepRap, Makerbot, UP!, Lulzbot, Afinia, Solidoodle, MakerGear, Printrbot LC, and more!

Is the spindle hole large enough to fit my Makerbot printer?
Yes! Our spindle holes are large enough to fit the Makerbot printers. You don’t have to worry about fabricating a spindle extension any longer. *NOTE, these spools will not fit inside of the new Makerbot 5th generation printer drawers. You can still use these spools and feed the filament directly through the top of the printer.

What are some printing tips?
Please use Kapton tape or 3M blue tape. Please use in well ventilated areas.

What other colors are available?
HIPS comes in a variety of different vibrant colors, 12 different options total.

Product Features

  • 1.75mm diameter, 1kg net weight, HIPS Filament
  • Filament Roundness: +/- 0.07mm
  • Filament Diameter: +/- 0.05mm
  • Recommended Print Temperature: 210 – 230°C, depending on printer model
  • Compatible with RepRap, Makerbot, Afinia, Solidoodle or any standard spool based 3D printer

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3 thoughts on “Gizmo Dorks 1.75mm HIPS Filament 1kg / 2.2lb for 3D Printers, White”

  1. Great for raft/support on 3d printing I have a 3d printer with dual extruders. On one extruder, I use ABS plastic, and on the other extruder, I use HIPS. Using makerware (or some other slicer), you can configure your prints to use HIPS through 1 nozzle for raft/support, and ABS through the other.This has created great prints, with the support material literally just breaking away — ABS and HIPS dont bond well at all. I was under the assumption I needed limolene to dissolve the material….but I haven’t even opened the…

  2. Works great and very easy to remove! I used this filament with both PLA and ABS and it worked very well with both, it did not stick well to blue tape so I used Kapton tape based on recommendation from Gizmo Dorks support – works great! I do not have Limonene, I just remove it manually and it comes off very easily, so much easier than using regular support.If you have a Flashforge Dreamer please note that this spoool (like all 1 kg spools) is too big for the printer, make sure to print an external spool holder, I printed one…

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