Gowoops 3D Printer Controller LCD Touch Sreen for Arduino, MKS TFT32 3.2” LCD Display, Suitable for MKS BASE GEN MINI SBASE Board

User Manual: http://osoyoo.com/2016/07/25/mks-tft-2-8-touch-screen/

MKS-TFT32 is a colorful touch screen LCD, it is suitable for many main board, such as MKS BASE, MKS GEN, MKS MINI, MKS SBASE, etc.
Don’t like MKS TFT28, MKS TFT32 do not support external power supply, can’t work with Ramps1.4.


Boot Setting
Step1: turn on MKS TFT32 at first time, then enter -> setting -> connection, select baud rate that the firmware use.
Step2: enter -> setting ->model, choose printer type, only Delta and other two options
Others: enter -> setting -> touch screen correction, improving accuracy.

Firmware Update
Copy the latest update firmware to SD card root directory, including:
1. mkstft32.bin.
2. mks_config.txt.
3. mks_pic.
Please do not adjust the file name. Insert SD card, it will update automatically after restarts.

WIFI Connection
1. MKS TFT can support MKS WIFI module.
2. After MKS TFT works with MKS WIFI module, can use Printrun, Repetier-Host to proceed remote connect and control. But it may make some functions unavailable.
mks_config.txt basic configuration
1. Configuration on single and double nozzle : change the value after the colon of “cfg_sprayer_counter” into the nozzle you need.(“1″is single nozzle; “2” is double nozzle )
2. Heated bed configuration: change value after the colon of “cfg_custom_bed_flag” into custom requirements you need.(“1” is with heated bed; “0” is without heat bed)

Package Include:
1 * 3.2” Full Color Touch Screen MKS-TFT32 for 3D Printer

Product Features

  • 3.2 inch colorful touch screen, support U disk and SD card.
  • Support continual and easy software update, support MKS Wifi module.
  • No need to adjust firmware, support Marlin, Smoothieware and Repetier.
  • Support keeping printing and saving of outage. Also exhausted material detection.
  • Support boot logo and button customization, support user define function button.

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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2 thoughts on “Gowoops 3D Printer Controller LCD Touch Sreen for Arduino, MKS TFT32 3.2” LCD Display, Suitable for MKS BASE GEN MINI SBASE Board”

  1. Great Screen, but with my Modified firmware it’s AMAZING! I love this screen as a development platform, when you get the screen it has a fine user interface, but it’s a bit dated. I have spent a good amount of time modifying the interface to make what i believe is an extremely well put together printer controller. I have posted below a link where you can download all the files for my updated GUI version of the firmware. The board uses a 4 pin uart connection to interface with the controller and will work with absolutely any control board that has the…

  2. I thought this would be great, but its not so great.Touching the screen is a big plus over the default rotary push button my printer came with.The problem i see with this so far is, its SSSSLLLLLOOOOWWWWWW (SLOW).While printing, and going thru menus, it actually pauses the print. It seems this thing is drip feeding the main board, and every time the screen needs refreshing, it interrupts the drip feed causing the entire print to pause….and then you get melted plastic on your…

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