Gowoops 3D Printer LCD Display Smart Controller 2.8” Full Color Touch Screen MKS TFT28

User Manual: http://osoyoo.com/2016/07/25/mks-tft-2-8-touch-screen/

1. Set the Boot
1) Must: After the first boot into -> Settings -> connection, select the firmware used by the baud rate, it can be used.
2) You must: Go to -> Settings -> type, select the printer type, only Delta and the other two options.
3) Optional: You can enter -> Settings -> touch screen calibration, improve the accuracy of the touch screen.

2. The Firmware Upgrade
The latest upgrade program copy to SD card root directory, be careful not to change the name, the file name must be a mkstft28.bin, insert the SD card slot, automatic upgrade after the restart.
Special Note: If you use ramps1.4 , certain external 12v power supply upgrade, MKS Series without an external 12v power supply.

3. The Power Save
Printing process into the suspended state, it can directly shut down, you can continue printing from paused next boot.

4. Power Continued to Play ( hardware MKS TFT28 V1.1 or later is supported )
Sudden power failure during printing, a reboot can continue printing from off place.
(Inability to drive the motor, the print head after a power failure will still remain in the model, it may cause defective models, if you need better power handling, power failure detection module requires and UPS )

5. Outage Detection ( hardware MKS TFT28 V1.1 or later is supported )
1) Power failure detection module signal line S connected B0 , negative positive connection B0 under – + ;
2) When the system is powered down, power failure detection module notifies the touch screen to enter the pause printing status, UPS power supply so that the print head left model.

Package Included:
1 * 2.8 Inch Full Color Touch Screen MKS TFT28 V1.2 For 3D Printer

Product Features

  • MKS-TFT28 is an independent color touch product, suitable for the use of open source 3D printers, support U disk and SD card. Support MKS Wifi module. MKS TFT can support picture customization, you can design boot logo, all button images, font color, etc.
  • P&P, do not need to modify your firmware, support Marlin,Smoothieware and Repetier.
  • Support “situation save when power breakout” function. Using this function, you should choose Pause action first before you breakout the power. When you open the power again, the printer can run from the situation before you breakout the power.
  • Can increase the custom function button. Provide continuous software upgrade, upgrade method is simple.
  • Can be used on Ramps1.4 and MKS Base , MKS Gen , MKS Mini and a series of motherboard. Boot logo and all buttons, such as interface can be designed by ourselves. MKS TFT28 can support up to 7 custom buttons, the button instructions up to 200 characters.

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3 thoughts on “Gowoops 3D Printer LCD Display Smart Controller 2.8” Full Color Touch Screen MKS TFT28”

  1. Great Screen, but with my Modified firmware it’s AMAZING! I love this screen as a development platform, when you get the screen it has a fine user interface, but it’s a bit dated. I have spent a good amount of time modifying the interface to make what i believe is an extremely well put together printer controller. I have posted below a link where you can download all the files for my updated GUI version of the firmware. The board uses a 4 pin uart connection to interface with the controller and will work with absolutely any control board that has the…

  2. I thought this would be great, but its not so great.Touching the screen is a big plus over the default rotary push button my printer came with.The problem i see with this so far is, its SSSSLLLLLOOOOWWWWWW (SLOW).While printing, and going thru menus, it actually pauses the print. It seems this thing is drip feeding the main board, and every time the screen needs refreshing, it interrupts the drip feed causing the entire print to pause….and then you get melted plastic on your…

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