[initeq] Brass Threaded Inserts for Plastics Assortment A Insert Nuts for 3D Printing (Imperial)

Assortment of the most common sizes of our threaded inserts in Imperial (Inch) sizes.

A great starting point for taking your 3D printed products to the next level – Get the assortment first, and then buy larger quantities of the individual sizes you use most when needed.

See our other items for various quantities of specific sizes of these inserts.

Comes in a latching 10-compartment organizer case, with sizes and recommended hole size info printed on the inside of the lid.

Included inserts:

  • (12) #4-40 (Short)
  • (10) #4-40 (Long)
  • (12) #6-32 (Short)
  • (10) #6-32 (Long)
  • (12) #8-32 (Short)
  • (10) #8-32 (Long)
  • (6) #10-24 (Long)
  • (6) #10-32 (Long)
  • (6) 1/4″-20 (Short)
  • (4) 1/4″-20 (Long)

Product Features

  • Securely and permanently add metal threads to 3D printed parts

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2 thoughts on “[initeq] Brass Threaded Inserts for Plastics Assortment A Insert Nuts for 3D Printing (Imperial)”

  1. Excellent for functional 3D printed components! I’m installing these inserts into 3D printed parts and they work wonderfully. I really like the fact that a nominal hole diameter is printed on the inside of the box lid. It’s a very handy reference when I’m designing parts and need to know what diameter of hole to use.I bought a special soldering iron tip to aid in installing these and it works well, just fire up the iron, position it and the insert of choice on the hole to be used, and gently press the insert in as the iron heats…

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