KKmoon High Precision Desktop 3D Printer Kit Reprap i3 DIY Self Assembly 12864 LCD Screen Acrylic Frame Printing

It is high precision and high performance self assembly DIY i3 3D printer, equipped with 12864 LCD screen, steady lead screw.
Updated MELZI 2.0 mainboard, support SD card off-line printing & USB on-line
printing, widely used in education, industrial design,school research, home use,hobby and much more.

You can not only make your ideals turn into neat objects, but also make toys for your children with this desktop 3D printer. Just buy one and do it!


Support On-line Print: USB cable

Support Off-line Print: SD Card

Printing Materials: PLA/ABS/TPU etc

Power Supply: 110/220V 20A 250W

Machine Weight: 8.0Kg / 17.6Lb

Package Size: 47 * 31 * 20cm / 18.5 * 12.2 * 7.9in

Package Weight: 9145g / 20.2Lb

Technological Parameter:

Printer Size: 210 * 210 * 225mm

Printing Speed: 10-120mm/s

Precision Z Axis: 0.004mm

XY Axis: 0.012mm

Printing Precision 0.05-0.3mm

Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm

Nozzle diameter 0.4mm

Printing Format: STL/OBJ/G-code

System Compatibility: Windows XP/Win7/Win 8/Linux/Mac

Package List:

1 * Set DIY 3D Printer Kit

1 * SD Card(Installation instruction included)

1 * Roll of Filament


Please check the parts number and be sure it not broken before assembling.

The installation instruction and video, print model STL, software, test file GCODE are stored in the free SD card.

Product Features

  • ★High precision DIY 3D printer, 110/220V 20A 250W power supply, support on-line Print & off-line printing.
  • ★Uses advanced MELZI 2.0 mainboard, provides better stability & higher performance.
  • ★12864 LCD screen, English language, upgrade manu interface with great controllability, max. printing size 210 * 210 * 225mm.Equipped with 3 cooling fans for better heating dissipation effect.
  • ★Acrylic board as frame offers pretty compact and steady structure.Comes with a SD card, which stores the electronic installation manual and video for instruction.
  • ★Wide application range, for many field printing such as architectural and manufacture model design, teaching and medical equipment, and other technological devices, as well as 3D toys for school children.

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3 thoughts on “KKmoon High Precision Desktop 3D Printer Kit Reprap i3 DIY Self Assembly 12864 LCD Screen Acrylic Frame Printing”

  1. Happy with this product – look here for some tips if you buy Good product, prints come out decent after fine tuning settings and adjusting everything right. Assuming you are technically inclined, I would recommend this as a great way to get into 3D printing. Really a great product for the price.Can be somewhat noisy, but if you place it on top of a foam mat you can improve the noise alot. Really only a concern if you live in an apartment. I dont really have any other printers to compare it to in terms of relative sound level.There…

  2. Good Printer, but meant to be upgraded This is certainly a platform for investment. Assembly took about 8 hours with breaks, and everything went together fine. The supplied coil of filament was adequate as well.If you’re good with tools and are patient enough to tinker with this for a few hours every now and then go ahead and purchase. I do recommend that you buy a spool of PLA go with it as the first things you’ll want to print after calibrating everything are parts like a better cooling duct, frame supports, and Y-axis…

  3. I wish it would print. I assembled this unit today and like most of what I read, it took a solid 8-9 hours to put together. This was absolutely fine except for a when get to the end where I want to print and the extruder will not heat up. No amount of troubleshooting (voltage checks, wire wiggling, dismantling/reassembling) can get the extruder head to heat up. The thermistor seems to work just fine as it responds to body heat, but there doesn’t seem to be power getting to it. I suppose I shouldn’t have been…

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