Monoprice MP10 Mini 3D Printer – Black with (200 x 200 mm) Magnetic Heated Build Plate, Resume Printing Function, Assisted Leveling, and Touch Screen

The MP10 Mini is a feature rich 3D printer with a 200×200 heated, flexible, and removable steel spring build plate, and an all metal extruder. It has an assisted level sensor on its magnetic extruder assembly, allowing easy changes to the Z offset in the menu for easy and perfect first layers. Wiring is no issue, as all of the components are already prewired and ready to go, with the connections hidden in the cable management sleeve. Most importantly, prints are crisp and clean.

Product Features

  • [ASSISTED BED LEVEL SENSOR] Leveling is easy with the level sensor. It will detect differences in the bed, which allows you to set an accurate Z offset to make first layers a breeze.
  • [HEATED, REMOVABLE, & FLEXIBLE PRINT BED] Capable of easily hitting 100C, this print bed makes removing prints easier than ever. The magnetic platform also makes cleaning and removing the bed itself simple and straightforward.
  • [2 SCREW HOTEND REMOVAL] Access to your hot end is easy, making quick changes to the tool head possible. Switch from a 0.4mm to a 0.6mm nozzle without the hassle of actually changing the nozzle. Quick, convenient, and easy.
  • [DUAL Y GANTRY] The dual Y gantry provides a stable base for the printed, minimizing wobble found in single Y gantry models of 3D printers. This results in cleaner prints and prevents the need to level over and over again.
  • [EASILY ACCESSIBLE MAGNETIC EXTRUDER] The removable magnetic carriage provides an easy launch point for changing to an extruder system of your choice. Working on your machine is more convenient than ever.

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3 thoughts on “Monoprice MP10 Mini 3D Printer – Black with (200 x 200 mm) Magnetic Heated Build Plate, Resume Printing Function, Assisted Leveling, and Touch Screen”

  1. If there is such thing as a “beginner-friendly 3D printer”, this is it. A little background info, I own several 3D printers and use them frequently. I have a relatively long history in the industry, and I can take apart and reassemble the basic Cartesian printer blindfolded.As it stands, this is the printer I will now be recommending to new users who have yet to delve into the wonderful world of 3D printing. The interface and hardware itself is certainly “feature-rich” when you compare it with other printers in the same price point.The…

  2. Not excellent but overall solid printer I have several 3D printers so I’m coming into this with a certain perspective. With that in mind, I’ll try to give an opinion with both the ‘experience’ point of view, as well as the new user perspectiveI wanted to get a good feel so I’ve used it for 10 days pretty heavily.Opening the box and assembly was easy. If this is your first printer, you won’t have a problem getting it set up. It’s 8 screws and 3 cables plus the power.The frame is solid and the…

  3. Definitely not for beginners or use in a cold environment. First product arrived with broken nozzle! First Impressions: I have a DaVinci 1.0 Pro Printer. It’s an enclosed framed printer that works well in my basement. This one is an open framed (Obviously) printer and it gets affected by the environment way too easily. Everything came with the printer but there is no option to select the printer profile in Cura or Repetier. The community is too small for this since it’s so new that there really is no way to get help besides customer service (Which isn’t bad at all. They were very attentive and…

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