OOKU® Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit – 3D Pen Doodler with 1.75mm PLA or ABS Filament for Building, Crafting, Drawing, Prototyping | Smart AutoOff | Slim design | Slow – Fast Extrusion Control

OOKU 3D Printer Pen – Creativity Unleashed

Designed, tailored and optimized for everyday creations with the power of 3D Printing, all in a single doodle pen.

From simplicity of use with auto-feeding of any 1.75 mm PLA/ABS material, to the natural fit into your hands, to low temperature ceramic head, the OOKU 3D Doodle Pen brings your creative imaginations to life with OOKU’s micro 3D printing pen technology.

Quickly melt and cool the ABS/PLA/HIPS printing material to create rigid free standing structures, forms, and shapes. Create individual parts and pieces or combine pieces together to really unleash your imagination.

On demand Prototyping, drawing, and crafting is here. Unleash your 3D creativity into the world.


– Ooku’s Natural Fit design ensures the pen fits to your hand comfortably, as you would holding a pen or marker.
– Simplicity of use -plug in, power on, heat up, and create.
– Adjustable extrusion speeds with automatic material inflow, without the hassle of controlling temperatures.
– Slender 0.7mm extrusion tip taking precision and detailing to a new level.
– Lower temperatures and greatest heat efficiency keeping the pen cool and safe during use with ceramic head.
– Smart automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of idling.
– Highest material comparability – from ABS to PLA to HIPS – use any material most suited for your projects without any hassle.

Product Includes

1 x OOKU 3D Pen Printer
3 x Multi-colored 1.75mm Biodegradable PLA filament packs (random colors)
1 x Pen Holder Stand
1 x 110-240V USA Power Adapter
1 x Manual

Safety and Warning Instruction

1. This 3D Pen is suitable for children and adults over 8 years of age. Supervision of small children during product use is required.
2. The output nozzle tip can reach 250 degrees F so keep your hands and fingers away from the nozzle and avoid direct contact.

Product Features

  • A HAND HELD 3D PRINTER PEN: Prototype, craft, and create pieces and objects by drawing with the pen using 3D printing plastics like 1.75mm ABS or PLA Filament – Think like a builder by combining parts and pieces of objects to form a new grander object.
  • CREATE EASILY with our simple of use Ooku 3D pen design. Just plug in, power on, select material type, heat up, and create. Control extrusion speeds without worrying about material flow, and without the hassle of setting different temperatures.
  • Ooku NAUTRAL FIT design ensures the 3D Printing Pen fits into your hands comfortably and naturally – like holding a marker. No heavy or bulky shaped designs that cramp up your style and hands. NO maintenance or jams with our SMART Infeed and Extrusion design.
  • 3D Printer Kit BONUSES INCLUDE: – 3 set of random color 1.75 mm PLA filaments – Pen holder stand – Tracing patterns
  • Ooku 100% satisfaction and defect-free guarantee for 2 years on all Ooku 3D Pens ensures you can buy without hesitation. We want you to create – not worry! Join the community at ooku.co

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3 thoughts on “OOKU® Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit – 3D Pen Doodler with 1.75mm PLA or ABS Filament for Building, Crafting, Drawing, Prototyping | Smart AutoOff | Slim design | Slow – Fast Extrusion Control”

  1. Great new craft This is so fun. May I suggest one watches the video on U-Tube before trying out this pen. The video gave me a lot of pointers and was comical. It showed a guy using the pen for the first time and saved me a lot of grief. I mostly enjoy making an object flat then lifting it off the paper and standing it up and securing it with another bead if plastic from the gun. I am sure as I continue to use it my technique and artwork will progressively improve. This product will be so fun to use with older…

  2. Do not spend your money on this item. I was pretty excited to try this pen out because being able to draw something and end up with a tangible, 3D object sounded awesome! I read all the directions (there aren’t many) and plugged it in to let it warm up. It says when the light turns blue it is ready to use. The light would turn blue but then flash back to red and then black to blue and never stopped doing that. After waiting 15 minutes I decided to see if maybe the light was just malfunctioning…

  3. Alright well, this thing is way fun. It comes with three colors of filament, which I will admit were kinda boring to me, if I could have chosen I would not have picked black orange and red to be those colors but whatever I can always order some more. Anyway, it does take some practice and use of the pen to get the hang of how to use it so I would really suggest getting familiar with it before making your final opinion on the matter. SO, it comes with a nice handy booklet of instructions which…

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