This Week in Sharing: Guides to Open Source (Almost) Everything

Open education – from “Nearly every week, if not every day, there are more and more open source and open educational resources available and accessible to us. It’s impossible to ignore. It also seems impossible to keep pace with the sheer volume. Despite this, I will attempt here to give a comprehensive listing of many helpful, accessible, amazing open education resources. (There will inevitably be some left out, but here goes!)”

Open source software – from “Our mission is to provide easy access to high quality open source alternatives to well-known commercial products. And remember that open source software is also a freeware alternative.”

Top 10 Open Source Software

1. Dia
2. OpenOffice Draw
3. StarUML
4. Quanta Plus
5. Avidemux
6. Clonezilla
7. Gimpshop
8. ArgoUML
9. Cinelerra
10. FreeCAD

Open source mapping – from ” MapGuide Open Source is a web-based platform that enables users to develop and deploy web-mapping applications and geospatial web services. … MapGuide can be deployed on Linux or Windows, supports Apache and IIS web servers, and offers extensive PHP, .NET, Java, and JavaScript APIs for application development. MapGuide Open Source is licensed under the LGPL.”

From the Collective Action Toolkit. Photo credit: Frog Design. Used under Creative Commons license.

Open source design thinking – from “The Collective Action Toolkit (CAT) is a package of resources and activities that enable groups of people anywhere to organize, build trust, and collaboratively create solutions for problems impacting their community. The toolkit provides a dynamic framework that integrates knowledge and action to solve challenges. Designed to harness the benefits of group action and the power of open sharing, the activities draw on each participant’s strengths and perspectives as the group works to accomplish a common goal.”

Open source and 3D printers – from “3D printers run on simple microcontrollers – many of them based on the open Arduino hacker platform — and are controlled by desktop PCs like any other printer. Almost all the open source printers — and almost none of the proprietary designs – support Linux desktops, in addition to Windows and Mac. … Ten of the 15 desktop models on Make’s 3D printer review page are open source.”

Open source travel – from“WikiSherpa is a mash-up of Wikivoyage, Wikipedia, and OpenStreetMap, the open-source world map. Use it to search for the latest destination guides, save them to your phone, download maps, and plot the guide’s sights, hotels, etc. on them — even while offline — for free!”

And… the zombie apocalypse – from “The modern zeitgeist is obsessed with zombies. In the past decade, 439 zombie-themed films were made, as compared to only 65 in the previous decade. … Could this fascination be the harbinger of impending zombie apocalypse? After all, even the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a zombie preparedness guide. What do they know about a possible zombie virus that we don’t?”

old printers box with stamps in abandoned building – Washed Denium Tote Bag 14w X 14h X 3d

old printers box with stamps in abandoned building Tote Bag is perfect for school, errands, or trips to the beach. Custom image affixed to durable, heavy-duty 100% cotton twill with duel cotton twill handles. Jumbo tote available in black only. Standard tote available in denim and black.

Product Features

  • 100% cotton twill
  • Duel cotton web handles (19.5″)
  • Custom image affixed to durable, heavy-duty cotton twill material.
  • Jumbo tote available in black only.
  • Standard tote available in black or denim.

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Total Cad 2D-3D Version 2

Total CAD 2D-3D is an easy-to-use, versatile CAD program combining 2D drafting with powerful and precise 3D modelling. Easily design anything from complex architectural and mechanical drawings requiring precision metrics, to simple everyday projects and hobbies including furniture, decks, floorplans, toys and 3D models. Use a complete set of 2D drafting and design tools, including drawing layers, hatch patterns and full dimensioning capability – or render 3D models with materials or textures for added impact. 2D drafting and 3D modelling has never been easier!

Perfect For Anyone including: Architects, Illustrators, Contractors, Builders, Hobbyists, Designers, Teachers, Engineers and Students.

The versatile CAD program that anyone can use:

  • Perfect for novice and expert users
  • Dozens of drawing tools, easy file sharing and an intuitive interface
  • Metric and imperial units of measure
  • Over 10,000 2D/3D symbols to quickly drag and drop into your design
  • Over 150 drawing, editing and viewing tools
  • Unlimited undo and layers
  • 3D texture mapping and smooth anti-aliased rendering
  • Easily import/export editable AutoCAD DXF/DWG files
  • Tip of the Day
  • Plus much more!

System Requirements:

  • PC Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium or equivalent, 1.0 GHz or faster
  • Hard Drive Space (MB): 245MB
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Graphics: Any 800×600 16-bit colour or better graphics card
  • Printer: Required to print the user guide
  • Internet: Required for web publishing and software updates

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