Panowin F1 3-Axis Self-Assembled 3D Printer Kit

Our 3D printer provides several additional extension components as an option to increase the convenience and fun for the users.
The extruder can be easily replaced by a 500mW laser head so your 3D printer can be transformed into a laser cutter immediately.
The normal plastic printing bed can be easily replaced by the heated bed. The heated bed can makes your printing project stick on the bed more stable and avoid the shape changing during the printing.
The LCD touch screen controller can display the storage file, real-time working temperature and working speed. Very convenient for the user to handle the printer.
The high quality power supply can work under 100-240V AC, no matter in your garage or the standard factory warehouse. And all the basic tools for the assembling is included.


  • Motion system: High quality ball screw driver with step motor
  • Structure: High quality gantry
  • Fixing structure: Steel screw fixing
  • Equipment format: Self-assembled module
  • Printing resolution: <0.1mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Filament type: PLA
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Min printing thickness: 0.05mm
  • Max printing speed: 120mm/s
  • Max printing size: 120*125*125(mm)
  • Software: Pango
  • Coding format: p-code
  • Power requirement: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Communication: SD storage card/USB
  • Operation system: Windows 7 or higher/Mac OS
  • Package measurement: 410*385*210(mm)
  • Net weight: 9.8(kg)


    Product Features

    • Designed by experienced structural engineers.
    • Comes complete with a simple manual and tool kit. Assemble your 3D printer all by yourself with only 10 steps.
    • The high efficient heating module can heat the nozzle from 0 to 200 centigrade within 2 minutes
    • The Pango software is developed and updated by the most experienced software engineers, with a simple and friendly user interface.
    • 1 Roll of Filament included (300g)

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    One thought on “Panowin F1 3-Axis Self-Assembled 3D Printer Kit”

    1. assembled quite easily, supplied filament is not enough to do anything with and caused a jam, quick disassembly;y of the print head fixed the problem. very quiet machine! ****UPDATE****Double check ALL nuts and bolts! The filament feeding gear was flopping around inside the print head and uses a 1.5mm hex to tighten it. ended up breaking the nozzle fan when removing for the 1st time to tighten, heated printing plate comes loose after a few prints and removing the grip sticker…

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