Paw Print – Tire Rim Valve Stem Caps – Aluminum

Add a fun and stylish look to your rims with these high-quality unique valve stem caps! Each valve stem cap is approximately 0.55″ (14mm) in height and includes an inserted rubber o-ring for an air-tight fit.

Product Features

  • Includes four (4) individual machined aluminum valve stem caps
  • Please see product description below for more information

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3 thoughts on “Paw Print – Tire Rim Valve Stem Caps – Aluminum”

  1. Very cute They are valve stem caps. They’re very small. On the bright side, no one really notices them unless you point them out. This keeps them from getting stolen. Personally, I love them. It’s just part of the whole “dog” theme I have going on my car.

  2. Attractive, Cute and Durable I actually bought these valve stem covers for my wheelchair. I needed a little “bling” and these pawprints do the trick. They are very well manufactured. They are knurled on the outside to give you a good grip when tightening them. The pawprint designs are very durable and water resistant. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to dress up any type of pneumatic tire. Big thumbs up from me!

  3. I had bought a set of these for a friend in pink and they fit her Equinox perfectly so I bought a set for my Terrain and they did not fit so i can’t use them.

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