Polymaker PolySupport 3D Printer Filament, PLA Support Filament, 1.1 lb (0.5 Kg), 2.85 mm

Specifics and Printing Conditions Color: Pearl White Diameter (Tolerance): 2.85 mm ±0.05 mm Net Weight: 1 Kg ± 20g Recommended Printing Temp: 230 – 240 °C Recommended Printing Speed: 45 mm/s Heated Bed: 80 °C All PolyLite PLA filaments have been properly dried before packaging and shipping. It is recommended that the filament, when not used, be stored in the provided resealable bag with the desiccant pack to minimize moisture absorption and to ensure the best printing performance. About Polymaker Polymaker is a ISO9001:2008 certified, 3D printing innovation company dedicated to enabling a better future with 3D printing. We achieve this goal by integrating advanced materials, additive manufacturing technologies, and design to meet the needs of today’s industries and consumers.

Product Features

  • Single & Dual Extruders: PolySupport can be used on single extrusion printers as both the support and modeling material, while also used as a dedicated support material on dual extrusion printers.
  • Quick & Easy: The secret behind PolySupport is the inter layer adhesion. PolySupport is strong enough to support the structure, while breaking away readily by hand, no power tools or complicated processes needed.
  • Clean Breakaway: PolySupport doesn’t bond to your model, it supports it. This means the surface of your model is unaffected once the support has been removed.
  • Freedom of Creation: Never again let overhang angles over 45° escape your design. With PolySupport you have the freedom to explore new geometry, safe in the knowledge that PolySupport will work perfectly every time

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