Printrbot Printrbot Play 1505 – White Assembled 3D Printer, White

The Printrbot Play (Model 1505) fully assembled 3D fused-filament-fabrication printer with metal frame has an open platform for fabricating parts up to 4 x 4 x 5 inches (W x D x H) using 1.75-mm PLA filament (sold separately). The print head moves on the X (left to right) axis and Z (up and down) axes, while the bed moves on the Y (backward and forward). The print bed is a metal plate and includes an auto-leveling probe that works with the user-chosen computer software to provide a level print surface. The printer uses open source software and connects to the computer using the included micro-USB cable. Using a micro-SD card (sold separately), the printer can be disconnected from the computer after initialization for untethered printing. Maximum resolution of 100 microns. The printer includes a sample of filament.

Product Features

  • Metal construction for rigidity and consistent print results
  • Fan shroud and extruder cover to prevent children from touching the hot end
  • 4″ x 4″ x 5″ build volume

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2 thoughts on “Printrbot Printrbot Play 1505 – White Assembled 3D Printer, White”

  1. Solid A++++ Printer Wicked Cool Unbelievably good printer, as a first time user, and by no means am I a computer-guy it was very easy to get set up and be able to print all sorts of objects within an hour of pulling the printer out of the box, for 400 bucks, you cannot beat this printer’s precision and accessibility.So why not 5 stars? Mainly because I had to download the software for this particular model from a 3rd party software website called “Cura”, took a while to realize you need to use the version…

  2. Buy one, either as your first or your fifteenth! Disclosure: I bought my printer direct from PrintrBot because I wanted a red one and you can’t get red from Amazon. This isn’t my first 3D printer, it’s my second, my first was is SeeMeCNC Rostock Max [great printer BTW] that I built from a kit a year and a half ago (and I’ll be doing a lot of comparisons to it through out this review [which really shouldn’t be fair to the Play, as the SeeMeCNC Rostock Max is best in class for Delta 3D printers]). I was a little distrusting…

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