Raise3D N2 3D Printer with Dual Extruder

THE RAISE3D N2 BRINGS TOGETHER HUGE PRINT CAPACITY AND FILAMENT FLEXIBILITY. With its 12x12x12 inch build volume you are entering a previously unheard of realm in the ever expanding world of 3D printing. It seems there are dozens of new 3D printers appearing weekly. What sets the RAISE3D apart, other than that its ENOURMOUS build volume for the money? What are the features that really matter to those that use 3D printers in a professional capacity? RAISE3D printers stand up to anything out there in printer build quality, 3D model output quality, repeatability, materials versatility and sheer volume.3D print resolution to .01 mm? Dual extrusion? Vast variety of filament material compatibility? Resume feature in case of power loss? Enclosed build chamber to ensure trouble free 3D printing with all materials? Highly active user and RAISE3D company representative community to answer all your questions and to share 3D printing ideas and 3D printer tips? The RAISE3D printer family has all this and more. It never stops exceeding even the highest expectations and meeting the highest demands in a 3D printer. The precision repeatable 3D model output makes RAISE3D the printer to beat, and it will be along time before a serious challenge to this printer appears.

Product Features

  • Same design as N2 plus, which won best overall award in make magazine 2017 3D printer guide;Printing Surface: Buildtak
  • 12 x 12 x 12 inches build platform; minimum 0.01Mm layer height; standard 0.4Mm nozzle
  • All-metal hot-end up to 300℃ with heated bed up to 110℃; Print Over 10 types of qualified filament
  • 7 inch touchscreen with easy-to-use GUI; Wi-Fi or Ethernet remote print job monitoring; Unique printing resume after power outage
  • Super rigid aluminum frame with dual ball-screw z-axis; fully enclosed build chamber

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3 thoughts on “Raise3D N2 3D Printer with Dual Extruder”

  1. This is the printer you’ve been looking for! I bought this after having used a number of 3D printers (Robo 3D+, QidiTech dual, FlashForge Dreamer, Rova3D Dual). It is whisper quiet, 12x12x12 build plane and fantastic print quality. I had a little trouble with ripples in my prints until I realized that I needed to clip the build plate to its platform. The build plate is a glass plate with buildtek on one side. You can flip it to the glass side when printing PETG or similar material that prefers clean glass. This printer also reaching much…

  2. Difficult to get consistent printing. This has not been a plug and play unit. I wish I could give this printer an excellent review but we have had so many problems with this printing properly I can’t even begin to know where to begin. We are part of an Engineering Services company and my team has spent so much time with trial and error that I could have taken all the $ lost in productivity and bought a new printer. It will print test blocks great and then when you print the actual part you want it is issue after issue. We haven’t even been able to repeatably replicate…

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