RioRand(TM) Upgraded 10 pcs 100Kohm NTC Thermistors thermistor,temperture sensor,Reprap,Prusa 3D printer

Item:NTC Thermistor
R @ 25: K 100K-1%
B25/50:K 3950-1%
Element:Thermistor,type MJB2

(1) Electrical characteristics
A: Resistance value: R(25°C)=100K±1%
B: B Value: B=3950±1% (calculated from resistance value at 25°C and 50C)
C: Insulation resistance 50MΩ or over by DC500V megger (between glass and lead wire)
(2) Thermal time constant (τ): τ≤10~17s (in still air)
(3) Thermal dissipation constant (δ): δ=1.1~1.6mW/°C (in still air)
(4) Operating temperature range:-50~+260°C

Outgoing Inspection
The product shall be inspected at every delivery lot inspection items,sampling quantities and sampling acceptable standard are as follows.
Inspection Item Sampling acceptable standard Remarks
Resistance value n=20, Ac=0, Re=1 2.3(1)(a)
B-value n=10, Ac=0, Re=1 2.3(1)(b)
Insulation Resistance n=5, Ac=0, Re=1 2.3(1)(c)
Shape & Dimension n=5, Ac=0, Re=1 2.2
Appearance n=5, Ac=0, Re=1 2.2

Package Include:
10pcs 100Kohm NTC Thermistors

Product Features

  • Powered by RioRand advanced technology
  • RioRand(TM) 10 x 100Kohm NTC Thermistors thermistor,temperture sensor,Reprap,Prusa 3D printer

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