SpiderMaker 3D Printer PLA Filament – Matte Finish with Incredible Vibrant Colors – 1.75 mm, 700g (Sun Orange) / (CMYK: 0/73/88/0)

Upgrade your PLA printing with a matte finish filament
3D printing is incredible, but run of the mill PLA can make your prints look like … well, look like plastic! Matte finish PLA from SpiderMaker takes 3D printing to the next level of aesthetics and quality with great looking matte texture and gorgeous colors.

A matte finish lets your designs really stand out with rich details that would get glossed over by the way regular PLA reflects light, also helping to make layer lines less obvious. The visual effect is striking enough, but SpiderMaker Matte Finish PLA also feels great with its matte texture. Thanks to these aspects, SpiderMaker Matte Finish PLA gives you a much more refined end product.

SpiderMaker Matte Finish PLA is also great in applications where reflectivity matters, such as in making hoods and surrounds for camera lenses. This PLA also enjoys the same great properties of PLA, such as low odor,
– Be sure to keep the filament coiled tightly on the spool in order to avoid tangles/binding.


  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Weight: 700g (1.54 lb)
  • Printing temperature: 210~230℃
  • Printing speed: 10-60mm/s (0.4″-2.3″ / second)
  • Material: matte PLA
  • Suggested Printing Temperature: 410°F – 446°F (210°C-230°C)
  • Colors: Coal Black, Paper White, Dark Slate Gray, Jujube Red, Coral Red, Brick Red, Sun Orange, Cheese Yellow, Peacock Green, Emerald Green, Wasabi Green, Iron Blue, Steel Blue, Orchid Purple, Mauve Purple, Kraft Brown, Clay, Iron Gray

Product Features

  • EXCELLENT TEXTURE – High quality matte SpiderMaker PLA filament with no glossy plastic look.
  • INCREDIBLE TOUGHNESS – Not brittle and with great tensile strength, SpiderMaker filament fiber suffers from less breakage for great printing performance compared to common PLA filament.
  • LOW STRINGING – Easy to print with less stringing. SpiderMaker PLA matte series saves you time on post-processing.
  • EASILY REMOVABLE SUPPORTS – Supports made with this filament are fast and easy to remove, with minimal surfacing needed after removal.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS – SpiderMaker filament can be used for a broad range of 3D printing applications.

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3 thoughts on “SpiderMaker 3D Printer PLA Filament – Matte Finish with Incredible Vibrant Colors – 1.75 mm, 700g (Sun Orange) / (CMYK: 0/73/88/0)”

  1. The Best Filament – Prints like PLA, Post-Processes like ABS, Vibrant Color I’ve used a TON of filaments. Nothing compares to this PLA from SpiderMaker. Honestly, I don’t want to even leave this review, because there doesn’t seem to be a steady supply of it in the US. Where do I start…The color is amazingly vibrant and opaque. The matte quality of this PLA is stunning. It doesn’t eliminate lines, but it takes the object down to a softer level of light refraction. And really that’s all because….It’s CRAZY-Soft for PLA. I wonder if it is even…

  2. Mind blown wow color and wow print okok so I admit Ive been buying cheaper filament for a while now, making lots of silly things like the purple snail in the frame, but I was dealing with stringing, lack of adhesion, and honestly just cheap looking prints… I decided to upgrade to something that looked more rich, Ive tried a few other “premium” filaments and I didn’t notice much difference and normally I wouldn’t buy anything that wasn’t reviewed, but I did lil research and SPIDER MAKER 3d printers seemed really feature full,…

  3. Good Filament I purchased this filament in Dark Slate Gray, a rich and beautiful matte color. I printed with this filament on three different printers, CR10, Ender 3 and Ender 5 with two nozzle sizes. Also, I printed using three different nozzle temperatures; 210c, 215c and 225c respectively. All three models printed beautifully without issue and maintained the matte finish at all temperatures. All in all a good find.My only issue with this filament was the price. I would probably buy this…

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