STANLEY MODEL 1 3D Printer, Heated Printer Bed, ABS and PLA Materials, Carbon Filter, Assisted Bed Leveling, WIFI Connected

Product Description

Meet the STANLEY MODEL 1 3D Printer, the desktop 3D Printer that has been developed to deliver an easy and convenient 3D printing experience. The STANLEY MODEL 1 3D Printer provides user-friendly features such as an Auto-Loading Filament system for quick and easy loading of your 3D printing materials. It assists users in leveling the bed and enables users to monitor the entire printing process on their mobile devices. All of its’ moving parts are safely enclosed for safe operation and noise reduction. It’s a next generation tool that will take your maker skills to the next level.

Customer Service

Our customer service center is available to answer all your questions and to help troubleshoot any problems. Please dial toll free customer service at 1-855-237-6848.

1 Year Warranty

We proudly stand behind our product and provide a 1 year limited warranty for the STANLEY MODEL 1 3D Printer. Please visit our website at for more information.

Product Features

  • Automatically loads and unloads the printing filament by itself
  • Shows simple instructions to users to keep the bed leveling process simple and easy
  • Users can watch the 3D printing process on mobile devices from distant area
  • Offers wide connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, usb and usb flash drive

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3 thoughts on “STANLEY MODEL 1 3D Printer, Heated Printer Bed, ABS and PLA Materials, Carbon Filter, Assisted Bed Leveling, WIFI Connected”

  1. Great Little Plug in Play Printer, except for the Hard to Find Filament (Sindoh doesn’t work). This printer is awesome. I’ve never used a 3d printer before and I had it up and running in 30 mins. Super easy to set-up. Already printed 4 items throughout the day which brings me to the one issue I’m having. When the item is finished and it’s time to remove it from the tray this is were things get tricky. It’s stuck to the tray big time (yes Stanley does provide the scraping tool) but because of the 2 plastic lock clip attached to the tray you’re stuck scrapping from one angle since it won’t…

  2. Easy to use but walled garden limits your possibilities – I can’t even get more proprietary filament to fully test it This is my fourth 3d printer and I think it’s the easiest one to use out of the box. Two of my other printers were marketed as “plug in play” and they are actually a bit more finicky and it took me hours of calibration, settings changes and babying to get good prints out of them. This one really is plug and play. It was so easy that it was almost like a regular printer. The prints were actually really good out of the box, with no tweaking.The unit is only 16 inches by 17…

  3. The Stanley Model 1 is my third 3D printer. I am no expert, but am certainly a hobbyist who enjoys building things. This is also my most expensive 3D printer to date, so hopefully I can comment on the nice features and also the frustrating parts.First and foremost, Stanley has aimed to make a mass-market 3D printer. Much of the printer is designed around the goal of simplifying the whole process. Just like if you buy an inkjet from HP, you don’t have to specify ink viscosity,…

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