Premium Universal Spring Loaded Belt Tensioners for 6mm Width Timing Belt for 3D Printers

Tight belts on your 3D printer are CRITICAL to good quality printing. These inexpensive belt tensioners fit 6mm wide belts and provide a huge increase in tension to eliminate positional errors and ‘ringing’.

Product Features

  • Locking Spring Timing Belt Tensioner Will Not Slip Off
  • Keeps 3D Printer Belts Tight To Eliminate Ringing and Slippage
  • Fits All 6mm Wide Belts Including HTD , GT2 , T5 etc.

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5 Meters GT2 2mm pitch 6mm wide Timing Belt for 3D printer CNC

Package included:
5 Meters GT2 Timing Belt

Timing belts: GT2
Pitch :2mm
Shape:open belt

If order multiple quantities will be shipped in one continuous length.

Product Features

  • 5 Meters GT2 Timing Belt
  • Shipped from Shanghai China & Fast delivery: 6-12 days

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RepRap 2x GT2 20T 5mm Bore Pulleys & 2M Timing Belt Set for 3D printer MendelMax (m)

Package included:
4Pcs screw+1 Wrench + 2Pcs GT2-20 aluminium pulleys + 2m Timing Belt
For 3D Printing applications, GT2 2mm belt system works better than T2.5, T5, it gives better smoothness and accuracy of positioning, resulting in better printing quality. GT2 timing belt system especially suited for linear movement and positioning applications.

Product Features

  • Pulleys tooth number: 20
  • Pulleys bore: 5mm
  • Timing belt width: 6mm

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