BIQU 3D Printer Part SKR V1.3 32bit Control Board Smoothieboard&Marlin Open Source Compatible with Ramps1.4/1.5/1.6 Support A4988/8825/TMC2208/TMC2100 Drivers

Product Description
BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 motherboard is R&D by Shen Zhen Big Tree Technology CO.,LTD. .The BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 motherboard not only with a high cost-effective but especially suitable for small and medium-sized 3D printers

How to Work
The SKR motherboard connects with the computer via the [USB] interface. After the driver is installed, the motherboard can be inserted into the computer to recognize the port for data transmission. Without the driver installed, it is easy for the computer to not recognize the USB port

1. Smoothieware-usb-driver-v1.1 driver installation (Windows systems only) The driver can be obtained from our open-source network
Https:// 0
2. After installing the driver, connect the computer and SKR motherboard with USB cable
Note: When using smoothieware open-source firmware, since only Windows system drivers, the SKR board at this time can only be recognized by the Windows system port! ! !
3. If you are using Marlin2.0 firmware, follow the tutorial to install:

Product Features

  • Using 32-bit main frequency 100MHz ARM level Cortex-M3 series LPC1768 main control chip, the performance has been greatly improved
  • Reserved extended port SERVOS of PWM signal to support BL Touch
  • Support Resume Printing While Power Off,Filament Break Detection,Automatic Shutdown After Printing and other functions
  • The SPI working mode of the TMC2130 driver and the UART working mode driven by the TMC2208, which eliminates complex wiring process and can be used by simple unplugging jumper cap
  • SKR V1.3 board has CE Certification to adopt 4-Layer PCB with “Gold deposition technology” which capability is more stable and better heat dissipation

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Creality 3pcs/Lots Limit Switch 3D Printer Part for CNC 3D Printer RepRap Makerbot Prusa Mendel RAMPS 1.4 Board Ender 3 CR-10S Series

Made of premium metal material for durable use.
With trigger indicator light, plug and play, convenient in use.

– Material: Metal
– Size: 2x2x1cm
– Constant on mechanical limit switch.
– Small sized, easy to install.
– A great accessory for 3D printer.

Package Including:
3 × Limit Switches

Product Features

  • Compatible with all Creality 3D Printer
  • Number of Pins: 3
  • 3D Printer Accessories Limit Switch 3Pin N/O N/C control easy to use Micro Switch
  • 100% Creality Original
  • Package Included: 3 PCS * Limit Switch

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GT2560 3D Printer Controller Board Substitute Mega 2560+Ultimaker/Ramps 1.4 Kit for Geeetech

Item Size: 11 * 8 * 2.5cm/ 4.3 * 3.1 * 1in
Item Weight: 86g/ 3oz
Pin Connectors:
Motor: XH (2.54mm-4pin)
Fan: PH (2.00mm-3pin)
Endstop and thermistor: XH (2.54mm-2pin)

Product Features

  • Specification:
  • Item Size: 11 * 8 * 2.5cm/ 4.3 * 3.1 * 1in
  • Item Weight: 86g/ 3oz
  • Pin Connectors:
  • Motor: XH (2.54mm-4pin)

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