Nanolinks Miniature Cable Chain 1 Foot of Length 10x5mm Inner Area for CNC Machines and 3D Printers

Nanolinks 10mm x 4.75mm Internal Size (1 Foot Length). Nanolinks are miniature cable chains made to snap together to form pathways for wire management. They are hinged to allow movement without crimping or tangling wiring. Nanolinks are injection molded from Nylon. They are molded to be a little tight from the factory and will wear to be perfect, which prevents them from sagging after continued use. Clean up your 3D printers wiring, cheaply, easily and robustly.

  • Internal dimensions are 10mm x 4.75mm
  • Easy To Snap Together for Custom Lengths
  • Injection Molded Nylon

Product Features

  • Internal Dimensions are 10mm x 4.75mm
  • Easy Snap Together Construction for Custom Lengths
  • Tight From the Factory but They Wear to Perfection to Prevent Sagging
  • Injection Molded Nylon

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3D Printed Matchbox Pendants in Blue, with 18″ Gunmetal Chain

Inspired by the simplicity of a matchbox the pendant is composed of two parts– the exterior and the sliding drawer. After the drawer is slid into the exterior, a chain or cord is strung through the holes. This not only is the method to hang the pendant but acts as a stop for the drawer so it doesn’t slide all the way out. This pendant is great for keeping a small photo or printed message. The depth also allows for something small (and thin) to be stored there as well. The perforated pattern makes items inside just visible enough for the wearer while still remaining private. Or you can just wear it empty.

Product Features

  • Height: 1.37 IN, Length: IN, Depth: 0.56 IN, Width: 1.1 IN, (Volume: 0.85 IN)
  • A unique 3d Printed pendant made of 2 parts (just like a matchbox).
  • Made from a strong and durable Nylon plastic.
  • 18″ gunmetal chain
  • Made through an addiditive manufacturing process (3D printing) which reduces waste and allows for the reuse of unused materials. 3D technology enables us to offer designs that are unique and that cannot be manufactured by traditional methods

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Zebra Print 3d Flower Chain Handles Studded Satchel Purse Lime Green (lime)

Size : 13w X 8.5h X 4.25d in.

The purse drop Length of the handle 11 in.

Material : Coated Velvet


* Zipper & Magnetic Snap Closure

* Cellphone Pocket & Extra Pocket Inside

* One Zippered & Open Pockets Inside

* Dual Compartment Divided by Zippered Pocket

* Magnetic Closure Each Side Pockets

* Double Handles
* Rhinestone & Silver Hardware Accents

* High Quality Coated Velvet

Product Features

  • Size : 13w X 8.5h X 4.25d in
  • The purse drop Length of the handle 11 in
  • Material : Coated Velvet
  • Zipper & Magnetic Snap Closure
  • Dual Compartment Divided by Zippered Pocket

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