Induxpert 3D Printing Pen With Speed and Temperature Controls – Craft Prototypes, Sketches, Doodles, Displays, Sculptures – Great for Adults and Kids 8+ – OLED Display – Easy to Use – Ergonomic

Start Creating Amazing 3D Designs!

Don’t struggle with 3D pens that get hot, are difficult to hold or don’t allow you to control the filament flow …

Get our 3D printer pen and start quickly and easily creating truly incredible prototypes, sketches, doodles, displays, sculptures and more.

Here’s How It Works:

You simply connect the AC/DC adapter to an AC power socket and the 3D pen DC power socket (or use a USB cable to connect with a power bank).

You then click the Load Filament button to start heating the pen. The temperature will display on the OLED screen.

When the pen reaches the targeted temperature, load your filament and start drawing. Nothing could be easier or more convenient!

As you create, you can control the flow speed of the filament – slowing it down to create intricate designs and speeding it up to fill in larger areas.

This professional printing 3D pen features:

• Direct shift between PLA and ABS • Lower energy consumption • Automatic filament load and unload function • OLED screen • Speed controller • DC socket and AC/DC adapter • Adjustable feeding speed • Hot melt extrusion molding • Unlimited print range

Don’t forget, this 3D printing pen also comes with a slim, ergonomic design that makes it easy for both adults and children 8 and above to use it. The pen is also portable and lightweight (it’s compatible with power banks). This 3D pen works with 1.75mm (0.07″) ABS or PLA filaments of any color!

Get your 3D printer pen today. Hurry, supplies are limited and it’s difficult to keep this popular pen in stock. The pen comes with a limited one-year warranty and is backed by a money-back guarantee. Try this 3D pen for 90 days – if you don’t love it, you can return it for a 100% refund. Enjoy our Special Launch Price Today!

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Product Features

  • *Enjoy The Special Launch Price!* CREATE 3D MASTERPIECES – With this 3D drawing pen anyone from artist to engineer to layperson can create stunning 3D designs. The pen’s adjustable speed allows you to slow it down for intricate work and to speed it up when filling in large areas. You’re going to be amazed at how easy this 3D printer pen is to use! This 3D pen works with 1.75mm (0.07″) ABS or PLA filaments.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – You can use this professional printing 3D pen for a variety of different applications including for drafting, for creating prototypes, for 3D Sculpting and to enhance spatial learning. The 3D pen is ideal for adults and can also be used by children 8 and above with adult supervision.
  • EASY TO USE – The precision-crafted stylus has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to hold – even with small hands. The stylus’ slim, well-thought-out design also allows easy access to its controls, which include a speed controller, a temperature control and filament load and unload buttons. There is also an easy to read OLED display.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL – While many 3D pens get very hot, this 3D printing pen has hot melt extrusion molding and allows you to easily adjust the temperature in one degree increments from 130 C to 230 C. You can keep track of the current temperature by looking at the convenient OLED display.
  • FLOW CONTROL – This 3D drawing pen also lets you control the flow speed of the filament as you draw so you can better create detailed designs. The pen works with both PLA and ABS filaments. The 3D pen actually comes with 3 ABS filaments so you can get started right away. The pen can be powered by AC/DC adapter or power bank. It also features a replaceable nozzle. Try this 3D pen for 90 days – if you don’t love it, you can return it for a 100% refund.

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Rolite Plastic & Acrylic Cleaner for Motorcycle Windshields, Marine Eisenglass, Aquariums, Headlights, Retail Displays, Museums, 3D Printers and Hot Tubs/Spas. Resists Fingerprints & Dust (16 fl. oz.)

Cleans, Shines and Protects – unique formulation that instantly cleans & shines ALL non-porous surfaces including: Plastic, Acrylic, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, Mylar®, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Chrome, Clear coats, Fiberglass, Gel coats, Glass, Stainless Steel and much more. Repels dust while helping to protect from fingerprints and scratches. Environmentally friendly. Alcohol Free. Ammonia Free. Anti-Static. Non-Streak. Non-Flammable. Water-based. Great for use on: 3D Printers, Aquariums, Arena Shields, Automotive, Aviation, Cameras, Cash Registers, Copiers, Collectible Displays, Countertops (Polished), Framed Pictures, Glass Windows/Mirrors, Headlight Lenses, Helmets/Visors, Hot Tubs/Spas, Marine, Monitors, Motorcycles, Museums, RV Interiors & Exteriors, Store Displays, Stove Tops, Trade Show Exhibits, TV Screens/LCD & Plasma Not recommended on fabric or suede leather. DO NOT use on vehicle controls such as steering wheels, handlebars, throttles, brake/gas pedals, motorcycle/personal watercraft seats, and surfaces critical to safe operation. Directions: SHAKE WELL. For small areas or electronics, wipe directly onto cloth, lightly covering area. For best results, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Wipe Rolite Plastic & Acrylic Cleaner until residue is removed. Turn cloth over to a dry area and lightly buff the surface until all residue disappears. Causes slippery surfaces which should be wiped until dry.

Product Features

  • Cleans, Shines and Protects – unique formulation that instantly cleans & shines ALL non-porous surfaces leaving a smooth, shiny surface.
  • Great for: Plastic, Acrylic, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, Mylar®, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Chrome, Clear coats, Fiberglass, Gel coats, Glass, Stainless Steel and much more.
  • Repels dust and protects from fingerprints and scratches. Ammonia and Alcohol Free. Anti-Static. Streak Free. Non-Flammable. Water-based.
  • Great for Sporting Goods, Automotive, Boats, Eisenglass, RVs, Museums, Motorcycles, Trade Show Exhibits, Windows/Mirrors, Countertops (polished), Copiers, Collectible Displays, Arena Shields, 3D Printers, Aquariums and many more.
  • Made in USA. High performance product preferred by professionals.

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Fugetek 3D Printer Pen with LCD Screen Displays Multi speed and temperature, 3D Arts and Crafts drawing pen doodler for toys, art education tools (White/Black)

Quickstart Guide 3D Pen

I. Powering And Heating The 3D Pen

A. Connect AC/DC adapter to pen and then plug into wall.
B. Power on the 3D pen by pressing the “filament loading” button/arrow at the front of the unit, you will see a green light start to blink. You will also see the temperature begin to increase on LCD screen. Once the temperature reaches 220 (for ABS), the green LED will stop blinking and you are ready to load the filament.

II. Loading The Filament And Using The Pen

A . Before loading filament, make sure the filament’s tip is cut flat, not at an angle. Insert the filament into the “filament loading hole” at the back of the pen.
B. Now continuously click the “filament loading button”, the filament will start to load into the pen. You may need to put a little pressure to load the filament at first. Once you see melted filament come out of the nozzle, you are now ready to draw.
C. To control the filament speed, click “speed increase” and “speed decrease”, there is a meter to see the current speed on the screen.
D. To draw, hold the “filament loading” button down without releasing, to stop drawing, release the button. Unit will go into sleep mode after 45 seconds to 1 minute. “Filament Loading” button will reactivate the pen. Unit will need to reheat after delayed use, before using again.
E. If you want to change to a new filament, press and hold the “filament unloading button”. This will remove the filament from the back of the pen.

Product Features

  • Introductory Sale! Fugetek FT-750/RP700A 3D Printer Pen. FUN WAY TO CREATE INTERESTING 3D MODELS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: A great way for kids and adults to explore creative thinking and visualization. Easy to use for most anyone 6 years old and above.
  • EASY 3D ART CREATION:The Fugetek 3D pen brings ideas to life. Draw vertically, horizontally, anywhere your mind takes you. Artists, crafters, designers; everyone can enjoy the Fugetek 3D pen. Unleash your creative side without a mess.
  • VERSATILE YET SIMPLE: Easy grip design for extra precision and stability. Variable speed and heat allows for three-dimensional design created before your eyes. Using plastic filament which melts at a high temperature, the Fugetek 3D pen allows you to create an actual 3D object.
  • MOST FEATURES OF ANY 3D PEN: The Fugetek 3D Pen offers a variety of features the competitor does not offer. Easy read LCD Screen. Adjust the SPEED of the filament. Adjust the HEAT of the pen. UNLOAD the filament from the pen. Uses PLA and ABS filament.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS: Awesome, unique, gift idea. What a great surprise to get a 3D Pen that allows creativity at any level. Product requires adult supervision for children.

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