EcubMaker TOYDIY 4-in-1 3D Printer FDM Laser CNC Dual-FDM with Auto Leveling,Heated (180 x 180 x 180mm) Build Plate,PLA


➤Model: EcubMaker TOYDIY 4in1 3D Printer

➤Molding Volume:180mm*180mm*180mm

➤Forming Accuracy:±0.1mm

➤Layer thickness:0.05mm-0.4mm

➤Positioning Accuracy:Z Axis2.5um,XY Axis 11um

➤Plate Function:Automatic Leveling,Heating and Separable Plate Tore move Models

➤Onnection Mode:USB,SD Card

➤Operating System:WINXP/VISTA7/8/10

➤Power Supply: 110-220V Wide Voltage Power 120W,50HZ-60HZ

➤Data Format: Input STL/OBJ;Output Gcode

➤When you receive the EcubMaker TOYDIY 3D printer, please refer to the video content in the instruction manual/SD card and take steps out of the box.

➤After receiving the machine, first test that FDM printing is normal. Print with the PLA filament inside the box to ensure that the machine can working properly

➤Due to TOYDIY 3D Printer’s power supply and the design of the open structure, TOYDIY’s base plate can only be heated to 50 ℃. So the ABS filament printing is prone to bottom warping. Do not use TPU and soft material printing, will greatly increase the probability of the FDM Toolhead plug!

➤Warning:The FDM Toolhead and FDM-Dual Toolhead contain heating elements.Do not touch the nozzle directly by your hands to avoid acald.After printing,let TOYDIY cool down to indoor temperature before cleaning.

➤Warning:Laser Toolhead contains Laser deevice.Make sure your wear Safety Glasses when using it. Do not observe the laser directly without Safety Glasses.

➤Warning:CNC Toolhead contains high-speed motor,violation operation may cause damage to graver,make sure you wear Safety Glasses when using it.

➤Warning:When inspecting the machine,please pull out the plug at first,and make sure it has been powered off before checking.

➤Warning:Do not move the axis by hand directly,otherwise the driver chip on the motherboard will be burnt.

Product Features

  • TOYDIY has FDM 3D printing, Dual-color 3D printing, CNC engraving and laser engraving four functions. TOYDIY has three Toolhead that can be quickly replaced in 30 seconds. TOYDIY’s FDM Toolhead supports both FDM Printing and FDM-Dual Printing. FDM Toolhead using the remote extruder filament mode, the maximum temperature can reach 240℃. And it’s a totally assemble free machine.
  • TOYDIY’s Laser toolhead uses a purple laser with 1500mw of electrical power, can laser engraving on wood, plastic, leather, cardboard and other shells. And also able process color and gray scale pictures. Laser toolhead unable to cut materials.
  • The CNC Toolhead uses a 385 DC Motor with speed of 8000-10000 RPM, sculpting depth 0.4mm, can carve wood, Chevrolet plates, plastics, acrylic and other non-metallic materials. The machining model should not exceed 3 hours, otherwise it will affect the tool life.
  • EcubWare only supports the 64-bit operating system above win7, and doesn’t support Apple MAC system for the time being.4-in-1 slicing software: All tasks for 4 functions can be done with our EcubWare, and first-time users can get started very easily. EcubWare regularly updates new features to continuously upgrade, you can download it from our official website.
  • There are some useful tutorial videos will be attached in the SD card about how to print FDM/Laser/CNC. If you have any problems with your TOYDIY 4in1 3D printer, your Printer will be repaired or replaced during the warranty period. Feel free to email (or Facebook messages) to contact our support team.

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EcubMaker EM502 3D Printer Spare Parts Thermocouple

Brand name: EcubMaker Model: HP-03072 1.Length: 11.5cm 4.Color: copper head 5.Character: measure nozzle temperature precisely, and feedback in time

Product Features

  • Length: 11.5cm

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