Extra Large 3D Printer Platform Tape Roll [7.25 inch wide x 65.5 feet long] – 3DXTech Blue Painters Tape is an excellent value and covers practically all 3D Printer platforms. Equivilent to 65 sheets at a fraction of the cost.

Extra Large 3D Printer platform tape roll. Your PLA prints will stick to this blue painters tape that is wide enough to fit practically every printer and long enough to last for months. 7.25″ wide x 65.5 feet long on a sturdy cardboard core. This will adhere to your build platform without leaving a sticky residue. Excellent value and incredibly useful. Suitable for use on Makerbot Replicator, Ultimaker, Prinrbot, Reprap, Mendel, Prusa, Up! Printers, Solidoodle as well as most other 3D Printers.

Product Features

  • Excellent value vs. Sheets
  • Excellent print surface for PLA
  • Adheres to printer plate with no seams
  • 7.25″ wide (18.4cm)
  • 65.5 feet long (20m)

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