BCZAMD 3D Printer Accessories MK2/MK2.5/MK3 Parts Extruder Driving Gear Kit Cloned Btech Dual Gears Steel Pulleys Kit Gears Extrusion Wheel for Prusa i3 DIY

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Package includes:
1 x pulley (with the lock screw)
1 x pulley (without the lock screw)
2 x pulley bearing
2 x M3nS nut
2 x spring
1 x pulley shaft
1 x 3d printed piece

(Don’t include the stepper motor and the black frame)

Product Features

  • This gear kit is designed for Prusa i3 3d printer DIY. The gears come as a set consisting of a primary drive gear with a M3 setscrew, fits on a 5mm shaft with a flat side as those on standard Nema17 motors. A secondary drive gear with integrated high quality bearings and a shaft diameter 3.00 lenght 20 mm in precision ground hardened steel.
  • Dual drive gears for 1.75 mm filament, precision custom cnc machined with extreme precision guarantees that you get the grip you always wanted.
  • Manufactured in hardened steel with an protective surface treatment will give you long lifetime and extreme reliability.
  • A lithium based grease is recommended to use on the gear section and in side the needle bearings for low friction and to avoid wear. A small dab of grease is enough.
  • After-sales guarantee: each defective item can be replacement for free or refund. If any question, please feel free to contact or QA us, we will try our best to service you.

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KINGPRINT Upgraded Replacement 3D Printer Part MK8 Extruder Aluminum Block Bowden Extruder 1.75MM Filament Reprap Extrusion for CR10/CR-10/CR-10S DIY(Red)

This modified MK8 Extruder has a filament guide tube, all screws, spare drive gear, and upgraded Bowden tube fitting, for CR-10 3D Printer.
Our design gives complete support of flexibles from the intake and output ends.
We’ve reduced the price and complexity of printing flexibles.
It will also allow to print faster with sustained quality and no risk for grinding the filament.
Color: Red / Champagne
Fit To: CR-7/CR-8/ CR-10/CR-10S
Filament : 1.75MM
Material: Aluminum Alloy

Product Features

  • Original aluminum alloy driver feed for CR-10/CR-10S/CR-8/CR-7, it is stable and durable.
  • Full metal aluminum alloy,diy aluminum block, need to assemble by yourself
  • With better stronger pressure pushing the filament into the printer nozzle
  • High Quality:Metal extruders are more resistant to corrosion than plastics with anti-rupture and better squeeze.
  • It will also allow to print faster with sustained quality and no risk for grinding the filament.

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Free fast shipping, 1set Black AM8 3D Printer Aluminum Extrusion Metal Frame Full Set with Nuts Screw Bracket Corner for Anet A8-144

Please Do Not provide PO BOX address, Or the parcel cannot be shipped via DHL or UPS, only can be shipped Via e-packet

Material: AL 6063-T5

Color: Black

Slot: 6mm

Full Set Kit included:

2pcs 2040 Al extrusions 340mm

3pcs 2040 Al extrusions 313mm

2pcs 2040 Al extrusions 440mm (pre-tapped)

12pcs Corner Brackets(6pcs 2028 brackets plus 6pcs 2020 brackets for fixing uprights)

100pcs M5 x10 Button Head Cap Socket Screw

10pcs M5 x 10 Socket Head Cup Screw

10pcs M5 x 16 Socket Head Cup Screw

110pcs M5 T nuts

35pcs M5 Washer (silver color)

2pcs Aleen Wrench

6pcs rubber foot>

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Product Features

  • Material: AL 6063-T5
  • AM8 3d printer aluminum extrusion frame kit
  • AM8 3D Printer Extrusion Metal Frame
  • Package: please check the product description as the following

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