Glarks 40Pcs 3D Printer Removal Cleaning Tool Kit, Including Needle Nose Plier, Tweezers, Filing Tool, Cleaning Needles, Glue Stick, Cutting Mat, Knife Clean Up Kit to Remove, Clean, Finish 3D Print

Glarks 40Pcs 3D Printer Removal Cleaning Tool Kit, Including Needle Nose Plier, Tweezers, Filing Tool, Cleaning Needles, Glue Stick, Cutting Mat, Knife Clean Up Kit to Remove, Clean, Finish 3D Print

Needle nose plier length: 5.9inch/150mm
Cleaning needles size: 0.35mm, 0.4mm
Knife clean up kit: 13pcs blades and 3 handle
Palette Knife and Scraper material: Stainless steel blade and wood handle
Glue stick: 35g

【Function and use:】
♛ Needle Nose Pliers used for reach hard to access places and remove excess filament from the hot extruder nozzle.
♛ Cleaning needles used for cleaning 3D Printer nozzles and solve the filament clog problem.
♛ Wire cutter used for cutting filament and other thin material associated with 3D printing.
♛ Tweezers used for plucking oozing filament from the extruder nozzle before it starts printing.
♛ Filing tool is used to manage the rough edges of 3D print by rubbing the tool against stubborn pieces of material.
♛ Knife clean up kit used to remove the excess material from the printed model.
♛ Cutting mat uesd to avoid damage to your work place.
♛ Spatula palette knife and scraper used to remove models from 3d printers.

【Package Detail:】
needle nose plier x 1
bent tip tweezer x 1
straight tip tweezer x 1
wire cutter x 1
flat filing tool x 1
0.35mm cleaning needles x 5
0.4mm cleaning needles x 5
35g glue stick x 1
cutting mat x 1
spatula palette knife x 5
scraper x 2
knife clean up kit x 1

【Quality Assurance:】
If you receive a defective product or have any problems during use, please feel free to contact us, we will provide return and exchange service at any time.

Product Features

  • ★【What You Get:】In this 3d printer tool kit, it include 1 needle nose plier, 1 bent tip tweezer, 1 straight tip tweezer, 1 wire cutter, 1 flat filing tool, 10pcs 0.35mm, 0.4mm cleaning needles, 1 glue stick 35g, 1 cutting mat, 5pcs spatula palette knife and 2pcs scraper, 1 knife clean up kit total 40pcs are well packed in a bag.
  • ★【Cleaning Needles and Needle Nose Pliers:】Come with 10pcs 0.35mm and 0.4mm cleaning needles, they are stored in a round tube. Needle nose pliers with special tips can reach hard to access places. Which are used for cleaning 3D Printer nozzles and solve the filament clog problem, remove excess filament quickly.
  • ★【Knife Clean Up Kit:】This set offers a variety of 13pcs sharp blades and three different handles are well packed in a storage to keep them organized. Durable steel material for quick remove the excess material from the printed model. Including a cutting mat to avoid damage.
  • ★【Spatula Palette Knife and Scraper:】Set include 5pcs different shape of spatula palette knife and 2pcs scrape for 3D print removal, sturdy wood handle for superior control; stainless steel thin blade for quick and easy get the prints off from the print bed.
  • ★【Save Time and moeny:】This set include all you need to work with 3D printing. If you are new at 3D printing and don’t know what should be prepare, please choose this tool set, which is much better than trying to buy tools one by one as you need them.

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Rustark 25 Piece 3D Printer Tool Kit Full Range Tools for Cleanup Removal Finish Including Trimming Blade 0.4mm 0.35mm Needle Tweezers File Pliers Deburr Tool Scarpers Glue Stick

Rustark 25 Piece 3D Printer Tool Kit covering Needle, Deburr Tool, Trimming Blade, Tweezers, Scarpers,File, Pliers,Glue Stick
◎Product Specification:
Widely Application:Ideal for manufacture toys, cars, robots, cartoon, and other crafts
Multi-purpose: Suitable for 3D Extruder Nozzle Cleaning , Pinter Crafts Removing and Deburring
Comparability: 0.4mm nozzle, CR-10, CR10, Ender 2, Ender 3, Anet A8, E3D, MK8, MK10, E3D, V6,ect.
Product Feature:
▶Deburr Tool Handle:
——NB1100, 360 degree Rotatable, Manual Operation
——Install or replace the blade by compressing the mounting head of the front
——Store the Blade on the edge of the handle by remove the black plastic back
——Suitable for deburring aluminum, copper, plastic, PVC, etc.
▶Trimming Blade
——BS1010, 40 degree, 32mm in diameter
——Suitable for NB, SG,RB handle
——High Hardness, Durable, Wear Resistance, Long Service Time
——Perfect for deburring the aluminum, copper, plastic, PVC, etc.
▶lubricating grease
——Excellent Adhesion,Good lubricity,Non-toxic,No dripping, no dissolution, good material adaptability
——Suitable for plastic, glass, metal, resin,ect
◎ Why Choose us?
—–Excellent package allow you to carry the tool set with ease and store them conveniently.
—–The one convenient toolkit could save your time in looking for essential tools while removing, cleaning and finishing the prints.
—–We focus on hardware and hand tools for a long time, so that we could provide you with high quality products and professional service.
★ Package Including:
1pc-NB1100 Deburr Tool Handle
2pcs- BS1010 Trimming Blade
5pcs- 0.4mm Flexible Needles
5pcs- 0.35mm Flexible Needles
1pc-Remova Scrapers
1pcs- Black Tweezers
1pc-Glue Stick
2pcs- File
1pc-3D Printing Pliers
5pcs-PTFE Grease packets
In total 24 piece+1 piece Case

Product Features

  • 👍【FULL RANGE TOOL SET】You just need to purchase one convenient toolkit. This 3D Printer Tool Kit contains various essential tools, ideal for removing, cleaning and finishing the printed craft, meeting your all needs in 3D printers DIY at home. It is the perfect hand tool for all 3D Printing Professionals, Hobbyists and Makers.The perfect tool is used for manufacture toys, cars, robots, cartoon, and other crafts.
  • 👍【Muti Function Tool kit】The Cleaning Needles, the Tweezers, Needle Nose Pliers , Flat File and Glue Stick help you cleaning the printed models more easily. The Scrapers allow you to remove your models from printer bed effortless without damaging either the model or the print bed. The Deburring Tool set allows you to cut and deburr the edge of crafts, making the surface of your crafts become more smooth and delicate.
  • 👍【What You Get】25 Pcs kit includes: 1pc-NB1100 Deburr Tool Handle, 2pcs- BS1010 Trimming Blade, 5pcs- 0.4mm Flexible Needles,5pcs- 0.35mm Flexible Needles,1pc-Remova Scrapers, 1pcs- Black Tweezers, 1pc-Glue Stick, 2pcs- File, 1pc-3D Printing Pliers, 5pcs-lubricating grease, 1 pc-Leather Case in total 25 piece
  • 👍【Great Gift for Your Friend】If your friends are interested in making the 3D crafts by themselves, it is a perfect gift for them. The full range and convenient toolkit could melt their heart, saving their time and energy in looking for suitable tool while using the 3D printing. Or if you would like to make a delicate crafts as a special gift for your friends, you also could apply Rustark 3D printer accessories tool kit to finish your work.
  • 👍【RELIABLE AFTER-SALE SERVICE】 We offer you reliable after-sales service. If you have any questions about our products or any problems with your packages, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 12 hours and we will try our best to solve the problems until you are satisfied.

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Matte PLA Filament 1.75mm Black 3D Printer Filament Matte Black PLA Filament 1KG 2.2LBS Spool Matte Finish PLA 3D Printing Filament Material Line

Printing condition:
Color:Matte Black
Diameter: 1.75mm
Net Weight:1000g
Recommended Printing Temp: 190~220°C
Recommended Printing Speed: 30~60mm/s
Recommended Empty Speed: 70~100mm/s
The bottom should be heated to about 60°C or not be heated.

HZST3D MATTE PLA filament is a innovative filament produces a finish unlike any other filament,reduces the visibility of printed layer lines and gives a professional appearance to all prints.
This is achieved whilst enhancing the contrast between light and shadow to highlight fine details.

New arrival.
The price of this new filament is the same as ordinary PLA.
Buy it , begin with a unique print experience now.

Product Features

  • Industrial Scientific Additive Manufacturing Products 3D Printing Supplies 3D Printing Filament
  • High quality Matte PLA filament with no glossy plastic look.
  • Matte PLA saves you time on post-processing.
  • Easy to print with less stringing.No layer texture after printing
  • New arrival,Unique Matte finish,the surface of the prints is matte.

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