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This is the Pen that can do everything you want it to do! This Pen is a must have!

The SUNVEZA Three-dimensional pen is a tool used to create models, household items and much more.

SUNVEZA’s three-dimensional printing pen suits various consumers; From businessmen who need to create models or prototypes of their product, Architectures sketching a 3d model, Housewives creating home decorations, accessories, and even unique jewelry.

Sunveza’s 3D printing pen is so easy to use what makes it perfect for kids

However, unlike the three-dimensional printer, a three-dimensional pen does not require special conditions such as heavy and expensive software and of course we must not forget the printer itself, which today (2016) the most affordable printer will cost a total amount 1,200$

The structure and shape of the pen, look similar to a normal pen.

At the top are two openings: one for power input via AC adapter standard.

The second is used to input ink made of special plastic. This ink called “ABS” which three-dimensional printers use it. There is

Further, it is composed of a body and buttons that control the speed of removing ink and the ink removal direction, intends to remove the ink from the head or from the ink inlet.

Of course, the pen has also a control panel that controls all the activities, but there is also a thin plastic tube, whose mission is to transfer the ink cartridge. In addition, there is a cartridge, designed to heat the ink that comes to it from the tube, and remove it. The average temperature of the molten ABS which is 235°C.

There is also a fan designed to cool the components keeping warm. So as not to burn should take a break every 15 to give the fan and the top of the ink to “rest” from their jobs.

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Product Features

  • IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY DEVELOPER – Will make your abilities bloom
  • EASY TO USE – This 3D air drawing pen suits everyone & every age
  • LIGHT – COMPACT – PRACTICAL – Makes it easier to carry, fits every bag or case – the perfect gift
  • COMPLETE WORTHWHILE SET – Including 4 colors filaments, a tiny shovel, and a pen holder
  • SAFE & FRIENDLY 3D ART – non toxic ingredients, no odor or other bad smell and no mess

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XYZprinting Announces Handheld 3D Scanner With Intel's RealSense Camera for Just $299

logocolorOnce 3D printers became more and more affordable, all eyes turned next to the 3D scanner. Just a mere matter of months ago, it would seem, that this particular piece of equipment was still cost-prohibitive. Soon though, with need being the greatest motivator behind many new creations, numerous makers and tinkerers began constructing and providing their own innovative and highly functional open-source designs of their own, with many landing on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms.  At the same time, larger companies began offering a bevy of different services, from the 3D printing booth offering full-body scans to products like Microsoft’s Kinect.

With self-service available as well as handheld and PC-integrated tools, the processes for 3D scanning are becoming much more available, as well as options in what we can scan. You can feasibly scan anything you can see from your smartphone in many cases.

XYZ Handheld Scanner

XYZ Handheld Scanner

What has been missing though until now is serious affordability combined with quality; however, just announced by XYZprinting is exactly what many have been waiting for, as the company claims it to be the ‘best valued 3D scanning solution to hit the market.’

At just $299, the XYZprinting 3D scanner is a versatile handheld device that is quick, easy, and accurate. Employing Intel’s RealSense built-in 3D camera technology, the innovative scanner has ‘advanced depth sensing capabilities,’ which works for users of all levels but is especially helpful to novices just learning to use scanning technology. It will be available in spring of 2016 via most of XYZprinting’s current retailers.

“We believe that 3D scanning and printing is going to change the world for consumers and we are thrilled that we can work with the leader in 3D printing to develop a device that makes it possible for consumers to create compelling 3D items easily and with affordability,” said Kirk Skaugen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Client Computing Group.

The handheld scanner allows for:

  • Speed and high performance
  • Scanning of objects at any size or of any shape, capturing fine color details
  • Editing and enhancing
  • Sharing

“Making 3D printing technology affordable and approachable has been XYZprinting’s biggest goal. Through our collaboration with Intel, the XYZ Handheld Scanner will, once again, break down the barriers for users that don’t know how to create 3D models, and unlock countless possibilities to replicate a wide variety of objects using 3D printing technology,” said Simon Shen, CEO, XYZprinting.

Not only is the scanner easy to carry due to its small size, but users can actually turn their laptops into a scanner quickly due to the snap-on design that allows it to be easily clipped on to the screen. Additional specs include:xx


  • Scan Volume: (Max) 2m x 2m x 2m (Min) 0.1m x 0.1m x 0.1m
  • Operating Range: (Max) 1.5m (Min) 0.3mv
  • Accuracy: 1.0mm
  • Depth Image Size: 640 x 480
  • Color Image Size: 1080p


  • Supports OS: Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Free Scanning Software: XYZscan
  • Scan Color: Monochromatic
  • Output Format: STL, OBJ, PLY
  • Max Image Throughput: 30 fps

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"Scan me": handheld 3D scanner and 3D printers at Computex 2014

ITRI’s handheld 3D scanner in action
Nic Healey/CNET

TAIPEI, Taiwan — If you were worried that the buzz around personal 3D printing was starting to die down, never fear — it’s alive and well at Computex 2014.

The Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute had its handheld 3D scanner on display at its booth in Hall 3. The compact device uses LED infra-red, is accurate up to 0.2mm and scans at five frames per second.

ITRI was demoing the device using a garden gnome on a rotating platform and the 3D scan was quick and — to my eye — extremely accurate.

While I was watching, however, some other Computex attendees approached the ITRI team and asked for a more personal demonstration. While one of the chaps stood still, the booth staff scanned his face.

Again, a very quick and accurate result, although my colleague Aloysius Low was less impressed, declaring that the result resembled a “North Korean propaganda statute”.

Accurate scan or propaganda statute?
Nic Healey/CNET

ITRI also had a desktop 3D scanner. The Institute doesn’t actually sell the devices, but it does license out the IP on its research, so we’d expect this tech to make its way into commercial consumer applications soon.

Just across the walkway, 3D printing mob XYZ had its Da Vinci range of personal 3D printers. We saw the Da Vinci 1.0 back at CES — at under $500 it’s a pretty affordable solution for the home.

XYZ also had the Da Vinci 2.0 and 2.1 on the stand. The 2.0 adds a second extruder head for multi-coloured print jobs, upping the price to $649.

The Da Vinci 2.1 printer with 5-inch touchscreen.
Nic Healey/CNET

The Da Vinci 2.1 goes a step further — you’ve still got dual heads, but the printer has built in Wi-Fi and an Android-powered 5-inch touchscreen. This means you can use it as a standalone device, printing from a USB drive or even sending print jobs wirelessly. It’s $849 though, which might be edging it out of the average household budget.