3D printing takes the 'selfie' to another level

ARN senior journalist Brian Karlovsky shows off a 3D printed portrait.

ARN senior journalist Brian Karlovsky shows off a 3D printed portrait.

For some reason or other I had never felt comfortable with the ‘selfie’ phenomenon.

Hipsters were dong it, Kevin Rudd was doing it and there was even a song written about it, from the Chainsmokers.

And the idea of buying a metre-long stick (a selfie-stick) to attach to your phone or camera to make the process more efficient seemed to me ridiculous.

But there were was a certain appeal to my inner-narcissist when 3D Printing Systems offered to create a bust in my honour in a bid to show off their latest wares at a conference recently.

The process was surprising simple.

All it took was a two-minute once-over with a hand held scanner, which was rather painless except for a few flashing lights.

Using 3D Printing System CAD software, the scans are then stitched together to create a 3D image.

Flaws in the more intricate parts of the image, like my hair, were then repaired using the software.

The result, while disconcerting, resembled a striking likeness. It’s also a little heavier and of better quality than I expected, considering it is made of plastic.

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It’s quite a feat of technology and my colleagues were also duly surprised with the uncanny likness of the 15cm by 10cm mini-me.

“Wow, it looks just like you,” crowed those around the office.

But while our former prime minister might find the idea of a K-Rudd action figure quite attractive, I do not see hipsters, and others, tiring of taking myriad selfies with smartphones in the near future. And there certainly won’t be a song written about it.

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