QIDI TECH Shadow 5.5 S 3D Printer, UV LCD Resin Printer with Dual Z axis Liner Rail, 3.5 Inch Touch Screen,Build Size 4.52″(L) X 2.55″(W) X 5.9″(H),Equipped with Friendly Resin

About us:
We have been manufacturing for many years, with mature manufacturing technology and strict quality control. Our Shadow 5.5S 3d printeris backed by one-year warranty (the 2K LCD and FEP film are excluded ) . QIDI TECH has a professional Amazon customer service team.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you with your problems as soon as possible.

1.Dual z-axis linear guide ensures the stability of printing quality.
2.HD masking LCD makes the printing more accurate.
3.ChiTu Box Software makes the slice faster and saves the Resin.
4.The 3d resin printer is widely used in Architecture, Jewelry, medicine,design and more .
5.Beautiful and stylish design, not only printers, but also beautiful decorations.
6.Eco-friendly resins and upgraded circulation fans minimize damage to the environment and human body.

Item: UV LCD 3D Printer
Material: Plastic
Color: As the picture shows
Weight: 22.10lbs
Model Number: Shadow 5.5 S
Masking Screen: 2560 × 1440(2k)HD Software: ChiTu Box Build size: 4.52″(L) X 2.55″(W) X 5.99″
Suitable for: Construction, jewelry, medicine, design and education industries.

We use environmentally friendly resin, please feel free to use it.

Product Features

  • 【Latest QIDI 3d Printer】 QIDI Technology’s latest LCD resin 3d printer, comprehensive leading industrial design, precision manufacturing .
  • 【Double Z-axis linear guide 】Shadow 5.5S adopts the highest stable structure: unique dual-rail, double-slider fixed, equipped with 4 optical axis structure, making the 3d printer more stable in the printing process, with stronger stretching force for precise printing!
  • 【 Convenient to use 】Shadow5.5s is equipped with special high-strength tempered glass and integrated into the 2k lcd screen. During the printing process, the  release film is smoother and more durable, and the printing area is 115*65*150. Release film: After the model is printed, the model is more convenient to leave the  film!
  • 【User-friendly】Shadow 5.5S is the 2020 new model, upgraded air filtration system, each set of Shadow 5.5 S is equipped with friendly resin,low odor .
  • 【Professional after-service team】 QIDI TECH Professional Amazon after-service team,if you have any problem about our 3d printer,we will reply to you within 24 hours.Free one-year warranty (the 2K LCD and FEP film are excluded ) .

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FLASHFORGE 3D Printer Teflon (PTFE) Liner Tube For Nozzle (2 pack of liners)

Two (2) pack of precision manufactured Replacement Teflon tubes for your Flashforge Creator Pro, CTC, Dremel, or similar 3D printers using the 2mm Inner diameter / 4mm Outer diameter Teflon (PTFE) tube. Guaranteed to fit this model, and others with a 35mm long 2/4mm liner on the extruders for 1.75mm filament (Note: This liner does not work on 3mm filament, or Makerbot Replicator printers (see our other listing for Makerbot Replicator Teflon liners Replace your extruder liner regularly, for improved printing quality, fewer print failures, and longer life. It is not in any way a licensed, approved, or supported by the printer manufacturer. The Flashforge name is a registered trademark of its owner, which is in no way associated with these liners or TabSynth Design Works LLC.

Product Features

  • Teflon (PTFE)
  • Precision Manufacturered to fit Flashforge Creator Pro and similar
  • Improves print quality and reliabilty
  • Print like new

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BIQU 3D Printer Machine Parts Aluminum Alloy Gantry Plate 20, 40, 60 Liner Extrusion

Package Included:
1*Aluminum Gantry Plate(pulley wheel and aluminum profile do not included)

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 127*88*3mm/5*3.5*0.12inch
  • Net Weight: 80g/0.18oz
  • Made of high quality stainless steel material, more wear-resisting, occlusal strength better
  • Use with the 20mm side of the extrusions only, will make it a great alternative to the Mini V Plate when larger wheels are needed
  • Fold through slots have been added to allow the timing belt to be easily folded back onto its self and clamped in place.

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