TCP Global 50 Pack of Paint Strainers with Fine 190 Micron Filter Tips – Premium”PURE BLUE” Ultra-Flow Blue Nylon Mesh – Cone Paint Filter Screen

Product Features

  • Pack of 50 Premium Quality “PURE BLUE” ultra-flow fine blue nylon mesh paint strainers with fine 190 micron filter tips
  • High performance cone shaped paint strainers that eliminate dirt, dust, particulates, lumps or any debris that can affect your paint job by clogging your spray gun, airless sprayer or paint brush
  • Strainers are perfect for all painting projects, as they strain out particles down to 190 microns and work for all types of solvent or water-based paints, stains, varnishes, latex and other liquids
  • Disposable strainers are ideal for automotive coatings like primers, sealers, basecoats, clear coats and single stage topcoats. Also excellent for house, hobby, arts and craft paints
  • Exclusive TCP Global design with premium durable lint free blue nylon mesh, fast ultra-flow tip and thick paperboard to reduce bleed through

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Dremel Digilab 3D45 3D Printer, Idea Builder with heated build plate to print Nylon, ECO ABS, PETG, PLA at 50 micron resolution

The Dremel Digilab 3D45 Idea Builder 3D printer is one of the best 3D printer options for printing advanced materials such as ECO ABS, Nylon, PETG and PLA. It is also Dremel’s best 3D printer for university use. With a 0.4 mm steel nozzle that heats up to 280°C and a removable glass build plate that heats up to 100°C, you can print almost any 1.75mm 3D filament with ease. The printer is loaded with easy-to-use features and has a guided setup process that gets you from unboxing to printing in just a short few minutes. The 5 inch full color touchscreen has an intuitive interface so you can quickly navigate through different functions. The printer has an RFID reader built-in to detect the 1.75mm Dremel filament that you place inside and automatically choose the best print settings for that filament. You can easily connect the printer to Wifi and use the included remote printing software to send prints from wherever you are, and you can also use the software to monitor your prints using the built in HD camera. The fully enclosed design helps reduce the chance for warping and keeps curious hands out of the printer, and it also makes the printer very quiet. It also helps the printer achieve a very high quality with 50 micron layer height. You can print using the included cloud software, the included Dremel Digilab 3D Slicer for Windows or Mac, or your favorite 3D software that supports .gcode, .g or .g3drem files such as Cura, Simplify3D, Craftware, KISSlicer, Slic3r or Repetier. Once you start slicing your own files you can take advantage of the large 6″ x 10″ x 6.7″ (402 cu in) build volume. With 85 years of reliable quality, Dremel is an established brand that you can trust to support you throughout your journey. By purchasing a Dremel 3D printer, you will have lifetime access to unrivaled Dremel customer service as well as an industry-best 1 year warranty. All the help you need will be just a quick email, live chat or phone call away. If you want to buy 3D printer for architecture, college, college library, education, or for engineering, look no further.

Product Features

  • Easily removable glass build plate heated up to 100°C and 0.4mm steel nozzle heated up to 280°C
  • 5-inch full color touch screen with intuitive icons for easy setup and operation
  • Fully enclosed sturdy plastic design with a 6.7″ x 10″ x 6″ build volume for better prints, better safety and less chance for warping
  • Wifi connectivity, built-in HD camera and included remote printing software so you can print and monitor your prints from anywhere. You can also print via USB
  • RFID built-in to detect the filament type (PLA, Nylon, ECO ABS, PETG) inserted and to automatically change printer settings

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Q3D ThreeUp v3 3D Printer i3 DIY Kit 7″ x 7″ x 9″ 50 Micron Layer Height

ThreeUp Version 3

This is the 3rd generation of the famous ThreeUp printers. With over 7,000 units out in the wild, the ThreeUp is the standard for entry level 3D printer kits. The 3rd generation comes with revised instructions to make assembly and printing easier than ever. Many of our customers report build times of under 2 hours til their first print!

The ThreeUp sets itself apart from other 3D printers in its class by using the finest linear motion components, including chromed, induction hardened linear shafts, dual precision ACME screws (for the Z axis) and LM8LUU linear bearings for double the rigidity over the LM8UU bearings used in most printer kits. Each of the linear motion components is tied together with a CNC laser cut melamine frame (Made in the USA) which provides not only rigidity but light weight for high speed printing.

The printing area of the ThreeUp for both the heated bed and standard version is increased to 175mm x 175mm x 228mm. While most printers max out at 100 micron layer heights, the ThreeUp can print consistenly at 50 microns, double the resolution of its competitors. With improved print speeds up to 100mm/s due to the lighter weight extruder and hotend, print time is almost cut in half!

The brand new auto-adjusting extruder puts the exact amount of tension required on the filament and allows quick loading and unloading. Due to its open design you can visually see the feeding of filament into the hotend for easy maintenance and setup. The all new metal hotend improves print speeds and reliability and looks AWESOME!

Additional improvements include a much more robust mounting system for the linear bearings and belts as well. The printer is compatible with all filaments that have melting temperatures below 250C including, PLA , ABS , Nylon , Laywoo , Bronze fill , Ninja Flex , PVA , HIPS and many more!

Product Features

  • Version 3 Improves Reliability, Speed and Print Quality
  • New Q3D Metal Hotend
  • 50 Micron Layer! Double the Resolution of Its Competitors
  • Now Up to 100mm/s Print Speeds
  • Easier Than Ever to Assemble (2-6 Hours), No Soldering or Crimping Required

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