Magigoo MO2018 3D Printing Adhesive for Large Format FDM, ABS, 4 fl. oz, Colorless

Magigoo first layer bed adhesive for large format FDM/FFF 3D printers. Discover a reliable and repeatable adhesive that works with PLA, ABS, PETG, hips, asa, TPU. It sticks when hot and releases when cooled, is safe to use and provides that additional convenience and ease of cleaning.

Product Features

  • Applying on large surfaces is easy. Cover specific area or whole bed, print with or without rafts. Thin layer requires no levelling adjustment. Can compensate errors in levelling or print settings
  • Save time and effort. Once print is cooled it literally detaches itself. Maggio can act as a good release agent. It’s specially useful in cases of excess adhesion on any surface
  • Its easy to clean with damp cloth. Should first layer be still stuck, a few drops of water will detach print safely. Maggio will not clog your nozzle or damage your printer or printer bed

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