Creality Original 3D Printer Straight PC4-M6 Pneumatic Fitting Push to Connect + PC4-01 Quick in Fitting for CR-10,10S,S4,S5, CR-10S Pro,Ender 3,Ender 3 Pro Series Printer (Pack of 10)

It’s Creality Original perfect fix Ender 3 and CR-10S Series 3D Printer

Package included:
5 x PC4-M6 Fittings +5 x PC4-01 Fittings

Product Features

  • PC4-M6 Fittings:thread M6/3mm, inner diameter 4mm, fit for the tube whose outer diameter is 4mm
  • PC4-01 Fittings:thread about 1/8, The upper parts can be inserted into 4MM pipe and self locking,the lower screw thread is 1/8 teeth
  • PC4-01 Fittings:Silver; PC4-M6 Fittings; Gold
  • Notice:These 3D printer accessories are small parts. Please keep them away from children to avoid swallow risk.

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C.J. SHOP 10PCS PC4-01 straight in Pneumatic Straight Fitting for 4mm OD Reprap 3D Printer Bowden Line Tube


Suitable for 4mm OD Reprap 3D Printer Tube.
The surface is smooth and the metal color is bright.
Easy to install and convenient to use.


Type: PC4-M6
Aperture: 4mm
Diameter: 9mm
Material: Metal

Package included:

1 x PC4 M6 pneumatic tube

Product Features

  • Type: PC4-01 straight in
  • Aperture: 4mm
  • Diameter: 9mm
  • Material: Metal

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10 Pcs PC4-01 9.7mm/3.8in. Male Thread 4mm/0.16in. Push to Connect Pneumatic Quick Fittings For PTFE Bowden Tube 3D Printer Connector

Pneumatic fittings are used in pneumatic piping. The tube fittings come in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping. Push-to-Connect fittings enable quick tubing connection and disconnection. A variety of Male and Female Connectors, Elbows and Tees feature tube ODs ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 and 10-32, 1/8 NPT or ¼ NPT threads. To ensure a leakproof fit, thread sealant is standard on all male pipe threads and the 10-32 UNF thread features an o-ring for a superior seal.

1. Easy to connect by inserting the tube it will automatically lock tight.
2. Easy to disconnect tube by one push on the blue cap.
3. Elliptical sleeve makes it possible to apply and remove the tube easily in confined space.
4. Accurate regulation of an optimal air flow rate for precise motion control.
5. Elliptical release ring help to connect the tube easily by manual, no special tools required.
6. (Nickel-plated) brass threaded bodies ensures anti-corrosion and anti-contamination.
7. All threads are pre-coated with Teflon sealant and require no additional sealing.

Technique informations:
Medium: Air and Water.
Working Pressure: 0~150PSI.
Working Temperature: 0-60 C(32~140F).
Air tube connected: Nylon and Polyurethane.
The tube fitting comes in a wide variety of tube and thread sizes.
Even after installation the direction of the tubing can be changed freely.

One-touch joints used in pneumatic piping.
Used for a wide variety of modes to meet all needs.

Package include:
10x PC4-01 Quick Fittings

Product Features

  • Item Name: Quick Fittings. Model: PC4-01.
  • Material: Copper, Plastic. Color: Brass, Blue.
  • Thread Diameter: 9.7mm/3.8in. Inner Diameter (Blue End): 4mm/0.16in.
  • Total Size (Each): 21.5 x 11.2mm/ 0.8″ x 0.4″ (L*W). Weight: 50g.
  • Package Content: 10 x PC4-M5 Quick Fittings.

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