Come3d 3 Dimensional Printer Single Extruder

This products are widely applicated, include industrial design, mechanical mold manufacturing, education, health care, anime, toys, footwear industry, art and design, and so on. 
The printing model and mold have suce advantages and features as show below: 1. The world’s most economical rapid prototyping equipment; 
2. printing process fully automatic, without manual operation. Design document ,enter the printer sequence task, the printing job is starting; 
3. compared to similar printing machine, our printer can meet large size printing model at one time; 
4. high degree of precision, suitable for polishing, plating and applicable to any surface treatment process of ABS materials; 
5. moldel melting point is 170 deg, suitable for drilling, cutting, re-processing, hard no deformed; 
6. printing costs low. Materials cost low, printing volume can be accurately set, and almost no materials printing process waste; 
These characteristics make this product, whether in schools, laboratories, offices, factories can better meet the needs of fast printing 
System Software: Z Corporation’s proprietary software accepts solid models in STL, VRML PLY, and 3DS file formats as input. ZPrint? software features 3D viewing, text labeling, and scaling functionality. The software runs on Microsoft Windows* NT, 2000 Professional, XP Professional and Vista.

Product Features

  • Build Speed: 2-10 layers per minute (ie. 15 vertical mm per hour on average) Build Volume: 120 X 120 X 120 mm Layer Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Layer Thickness: User selectable at the time of printing; 0.0035″-0.008″ (.089-.203 mm) Material Options: High performance composite, elastomeric, direct casting, investment casting
  • Material Options: ABS,PLAMaterial spe.: Dia.1.75mmColor: white, black, yellow,blue, red,green
  • Equipment Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 cm Equipment Weight: 8 kg

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3d Printer Rostock Mini Pro Replicator Machine Pla/abs Fully Assembled Kit

Rostock Mini is a delta 3D Printer originally designed by Bwevans, with smaller build volume compared to a Rostock or Kossel, but much more compact, portable, and desktop friendly. This is a complete kit that contains everything (including tools) to build a Rosotck Mini Pro. The mechanical part can be finished between 3-6 hours depending on your experience with RepRap machines.

Rosotck Mini Pro Technical Details:

Build Volume: 17cm x 17cm x 18cm cylinder

Electronics: RAMPS 1.4

Heatbed: No (PLA is the recommended filament).

extruder: Bowden extruder set up with planetary gearbox coupled Nema 17 motor

Included in the Rostock Mini Pro Kit:


8mm hardened precision rod (49cm) x 6

GT-2 belt and 36-teeth pulleys x 3

pneufit push-in fittings for bowden extrusion x 2

3K carbon fibre hollow tubes x 6

Traxxas 5349 u-joints x 12


Assembled RAMPS 1.4 w/ 4 Pololu steppers

12V 10A laptop power charger

Nema 17 motors with 0.55 N*m torque x 3

Nema 17 motor coupled with a planetary gearbox

J-head MKIV hotend (0.4mm orifice, 1.75mm filament opening)

1. What are the advantages of having a Delta styled RepRap ?

Delta RepRap such as Rostock Mini can print very fast due to the unique mechanical structure. It’s easier to assemble and more professional-looking than traditional Cartesian RepRaps. It’s also very fun to watch the Rostock Mini Pro print.

2. What about the Software?

You can use standard open-source software such as Repetier-host to control the Rostock Mini Pro.

3.. What are Traxxas 5347 u-joints?

Traxxas 5347 u-joints are mostly used in airplane models to give smooth movements. These are ball-socket joints that create very little friction when your Rostock Mini Pro’s arms move.

Product Features

  • Build Volume: 17cm x 17cm x 18cm cylinder
  • Electronics: RAMPS 1.4
  • Heatbed: No (PLA is the recommended filament).
  • extruder: Bowden extruder set up with planetary gearbox coupled Nema 17 motor
  • J-head MKIV hotend (0.4mm orifice, 1.75mm filament opening)

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RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 Plastic 3D Printer Parts

If you’d rather source your own 3D printer, these parts will be a great start. The printed plastic parts in this set are equal to or superior to those found in the Prusa 2 set of parts at GitHub. Even though you’re not buying our complete kit, we still want you to succeed.

Product Features

  • 3D Printer Parts
  • Printed Plastic Parts

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