RepRap Champion MK2B PCB HeatBed Heat Bed RepRap 3D Printers pre-wired for 12V SMT LED soldered

MK2B comes with pre-soldered SMT LEDs and wiring. PCB pre-wired for 12V power.


Outer Dimensions: 214mm (8 7/16 in) x 214mm (8 7/16 in)
Dimensions between holes: 209 x 209mm
Laminate FR4 1.6+-0.15mm
2 Layer, 35µm Copper
White Soldermask – Both Side
Black Silkscreen – Both Side
Power Input: 12V/24V DC
Copper Plated Holes
Wiring length: 700mm

Package contents:

1 x MK2B PCB Heated Bed pre-wired for 12V power.

Product Features

  • Popular MK2B 200x200mm dual power heated bed design
  • Compatible with most Prusa i3 variations, Mendel, Mendelmax and plenty of other 3D printers
  • Power rating is 120 Watt under 12V
  • Power wiring is included in the kit, length of wires 0.7 meter

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3D printing filament tough T-ABS 1.75mm 1kg(2.2LB) -Perfect Printing material- Top Dimensional Accuracy +/-0.02mm – Compatible With All Major 3D Printers & 3D Printing Pen+competitive price (white)

ABS parameter:Color: whiteDensity:1.02g/Glass transition temperature:93℃Melt index:4.2-6.2g/10minSolubility:Insoluble in water,soluble in chloroform,tetrahydrofuran(THF) and so onTensile strength:32.3±1.2MpaElongation at break:10.2±1.2%Bending modulus:2271.5±207MpaBending strength:65.6±3.1MpaImpact strength:11.8±0.7KJ/ All testing specimens are printed using a 3D printing machine under 7 following conditions:printing temperature=230℃,printing speed=80mm/s,number of shells=2,Nozzle size=0.4mm,100% infillRecommended printing temperature:220-240℃Recommended printing speed:30-100mm/sRecommended Heated bed temperature:100-120℃Layer Height:0.1-0.2mm Infill:As needed up to 100%Matters need attention:Heat preservationTolerance:±0.02mmCertificate:SGS ROHSBox size:25*20*7cmShipping weight:1.3KG

Product Features

  • ABS is common plastic usded for 3D printing, and is widely used on the entry-level FDM 3D printers in filament form. It is a particularly strong plastic and comes in a wide range of colour. ABS has a glass transition zone. ABS can be printed very quickly.
  • ABS is great for wearables due to it’s resilience. And we are professional in producing ABS Filaments. Our ABS filaments have melting stable, diameter of filament controlled in 0.3mm+/-. priting smoothly, 100% without bubbles, good tenacity, high strength. SGS tested, RoHS compliant
  • Our ABS filament have been tested by Makerbot China Distributor and it is highly appreciated for its high quality and good printing result .
  • We have sophisticated production equipment, which are customized dedicated type 35 and type 45 production line for 3D printer fialments. During production process, whatever labors or machine, diameter of filament are controlled by 0.3+/-
  • We chose high grade ABS raw materials,This is the really high precision ABS material, Toughness is 6 times higher than the ordinary ABS , mobility 6 times higher, high adhesion, no warped edges, no broken, suitable for large model printing.

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RONGT Aluminum Alloy Version Bowden Extruder 3D Printers Parts Reprap Full Metal For Makerbot MK8 1.75mm Filament (Left)

Product Features

  • Alias: Extruder
  • Applicable machinery: 3D printer
  • Model: MK8
  • Specifications: right, left

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