ELEGOO ABS-Like 3D Printer Rapid Resin LCD UV-Curing Resin 405nm Standard Photopolymer Resin for LCD 3D Printing 1000Gram Grey

ELEGOO photopolymer resin is a type of polymer that changes its physical properties when introduced to light. In the case of 3D printing , these are typically liquid plastic resins that harden when exposed to a light source, which works perfectly with our Photocuring resin

Usage condition :
1) Shake up the bottle before use and avoid direct sunlight and dusty environment
2) Do not drink it and keep it out of the reach of children
3) Please wear a mask and gloves when using to avoid direct skin contact and maintain indoor ventilation
4) If you got skin contact please wash away with waters immediately and if you feel discomfort please see a doctor ASAP.
5) Once the model is complete, please wash it with high 95% degree or higher ethanol alcohol for 30 seconds at least
6)If you don’t use the resin please do not leave them in the resin tank over 48 hours or put them back to its original bottle and seal it.

Material Properties :
Curing wave-length: 405 nm
Hardness: 79.0 D
Shrinkage: 7.1 %
Viscosity (25°): 552.0 mpa.s
Liquid density: 1.100 g/cm³
Solid density: 1.184 g/cm³
Tensile strength: 23.4 Mpa
Elongation at break: 14.2 %
Curing time: 6-10 s
Color option: Grey, White, Green, Black, Transparent, Yellow, Blue, Red
Shelf life: 1 year

Product Features

  • 【Low Shrinkage and High Precision】ELEGOO photopolymer resin is specially designed for reducing volume shrinkage during the Photocuring process ,which ensures the high precision of the print model with smooth finish.
  • 【Fast Curing and Great Stability】ELEGOO 405nm Rapid Resin was designed to significantly reduce printing time with its excellent fluidity. Meanwhile its great stability and proper hardness guarantee a worry-free printing experience and successful printing.
  • 【Bright and Stunning Colors】: With high quality pigments and photo-initiators inside ELEGOO UV-Curing resin, the models printed with resin have a very pure and stunning color effect just like an artwork.
  • 【Wide Applications】Given the outstanding performances, ELEGOO standard resin is suitable for most DLP/LCD 3D printers. Works best with the LCD 3D Printers.
  • 【Safe and Secure Packaging】Leak-proof bottle fully wrapped with a plastic bubble bag and exquisite designed package box make sure the resin stays in place where they belong

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IFUN 3D Rapid Resin for LCD DLP UV-Curing 3D Printer 405nm 3D Printing Liquid Photopolymer Gray Grey 500ml

IFUN lcd resin is safe for home use, delivering ultra high accuracy and low shrinkage.After cured, IFUN uv resin shows great stability in moist and corrosive environment.
IFUN photopolymer resin is specially designed for reducing volume shrinkage during the Photocuring process ,which ensures the high precision of the print model with smooth finish.
IFUN 3D resin minimize resin release force and adhesion, so that the model attached to the forming platform can easily shovel and appropriate viscosity makes it easier to clean the machine and model. With those features, even tiny small parts are able to be printed in good form and fine structures.
IFUN rapid resin is suitable for most LCD 3D printers for fast prototyping with toys, home and garden tools or jewelry applications.

*To ensure the great stability of 3D printing model, IFUN choose Polyurethane as raw material rather than Epoxide Resin.
*To ensure the personal safety , even though there is low odor with Polyurethane, IFUN would rather choose Polyurethane than add BPA(Bisphenol A) which is found to be detrimental to human health.
*Lab test approved with MSDS & RoHS certificate.

Product Features

  • IFUN resin is suitable for most desktop LCD/DLP UV-curable 3D printers with the wavelength 405nm, completely compatible with Anycubic,ELEGOO,EPAX,Creality,Phrozen Shuffle and DLP printers
  • 3D hard resin ensures the strength of molded parts and not excessive shrinkage, also improves the speed of printing, shortens the curing time and enhances the printing efficiency of LCD machines as much as possible
  • Strong adhesion of the model and easy to detach after forming.There are high accuracy and high quality details with low dimensional tolerance showed on printed model, the durability of printed model is more than 180 days
  • Lab test approved with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) & RoHS Certificate.As all IFUN resins, it has not been classified as carcinogenic under EU legislation and IARC criteria, so it is safe to print with when used in accordance with our safety instructions
  • 1-year limited warranty, lifetime technical assistance and 24 hours professional customer service

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SainSmart Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printer Resin for 3D LCD Printing, General Purpose Photopolymer Curing Resin, 1000ml Transparent


SainSmart 3D Resin is a liquid printing material for SLA/LCD printers. Its high precision and cost effectiveness
make it a useful material, also beloved by the 3D printing fans. This resin allows you to print a model
with extremely fine detail, far more than a standard filament printer can produce, and the end result
tends to need far less post-processing work to give you a finished product.
If you are working with SLA/LCD printers, SainSmart Resin will definitely worth trying.


Volume: 1000ml
Color: Transparent
Curing Wavelength: 395nm to 405nm
Hardness (D): 88D
Viscosity (25C, mPa.s): 100 to 150 mPa.s
Density: 1.07 to 1.12 g/cm3
Shrinkage of Vol.: 3.72%-4.24%
Flexural Strength (Mpa): 59Mpa to 70Mpa
Flexural Modulus (Mpa): 1.88 to 2.38
Tensile Strength (Mpa): 35Mpa to 42 Mpa
Elongation at Break (%): 11% to 20%

Storage Tips:

1) Keep away from light and sealed at room temperature.
2) It is recommended to store the resin between 15 Celsius and 35 Celsius in its original container.
3) Avoid any dusty or moist environment.

Note: Please shake well before use for better prints.


1 x SainSmart Rapid UV 405nm 3D Printer Resin-1000ml Transparent

Product Features

  • Rapid UV curing ensures the strength of printing parts and lowers the shrinkage rate. This resin provides you both high toughness and hardness prints.
  • The general-purpose resin is compatible with most LCD printers on the market that use 405nm wavelength light. Including EPAX X1, Anycubic Photon, Photon2, WanHao D7, and other LCD printers.
  • SainSmart Resin is easy to detach after forming. Low viscosity makes it simple to clean your 3D printer.
  • Its performance is stable under room temperature condition and safe to store. Also, with little odor, buy with confidence.
  • Great for making functional parts that have high precision and clear details. For better printing quality, we recommend using the LCD light.

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