[Gulfcoast Robotics] 24V Premium White LED Bar Light Upgrade for Creality Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

The 24V Premium White LED Bar Light is a complete 3D Printer lighting kit for the Creality Ender 3 and Ender 3 PRO.

Designed to outlast traditional adhesive LED strips, the LED Bar uses a rigid 3030 LED PCB. The profile housing and mounting brackets are CNC milled from from high grade aluminum alloy and anodized black to match the Ender 3 frame.

A semi transparent cover helps to diffuse light, providing a soft, bright glow to illuminate the machine’s build plate. Equipped with a dial based dimmer switch, you can control the brightness levels or turn it off when desired.

Plug-and-Play Installation

No soldering or crimping is required. Just mount the pre-assembled LED Bar Light to the top of the frame, using the included (2) mounting brackets and M5 hardware on each end. Plug the yellow XT60 pass through connector in to your existing XT60 Power Supply connector and your finished.

Ender 3 LED Bar Light Details

  • Color: White
  • Temperature: 6000 – 6500K
  • Luminosity: 800 Lumens
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Current: 0.37A
  • Power consumption: 8.4 Watts
  • LED Bar length: 260mm

Package Contents

  • (1) 24V LED Bar with Dimmer Switch and XT60 pass-through harness
  • (2) M5x8 Socket head screws
  • (2) Drop-in M5 T-nuts

Product Features

  • Complete LED Lighting Kit for the Creality Ender 3 and Ender 3 PRO
  • Easy Installation – Takes less than 5 minutes to setup and use
  • No Soldering Required – XT60 pass through connector plugs in to the existing Power Supply cable
  • Dial Based Dimmer Switch – Control the brightness or turn off the LEDs
  • Designed and Manufactured by Gulfcoast Robotics – US Based Business

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[Gulfcoast Robotics] 3D Printer Borosilicate Glass for The Creality Ender-3-4mm Thick.

This product is 100% borosilicate glass. It is a flat, heat resistant plate and does not warp during long term use. 4mm thick – will not break when you remove your print from it.

This borosilicate glass plate is 235x235mm – a perfect fit for the Creality Ender 3 heated bed. This plate is larger and thicker than the typical 3mm plates, ensuring a perfectly flat build surface.

Borosilicate glass material has excellent thermal and chemical properties compared to soda lime glass. It is resistant to cracking as a result of direct high heat, making it an excellent choice for 3D printer beds. Placed on top of your build plate, it can be held in place with binder clips or thermal pads.

Please take a look at the supplied drawing for dimensions and details.

Glass plate features:

Dimensions: 235x235mm, 4mm thick.
100% borosilicate heat resistant glass (it has yellow tint as opposed to soda lime glass green tint).
Rounded edges to improve handling safety.
Very flat and does not warp during use.
Can be used as 3D printer print surface, with or without heated bed.

Package Contents:

1 x Borosilicate Glass Print Surface 235x235mm x 4mm thick

Product Features

  • 100% Genuine Borosilicate Glass is thick, durable and resistant to thermal shock
  • Rounded corners and beveled edges are safe and easy to handle
  • Fits the Creality Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 5 and Geeetech A10 Heated Beds
  • Perfectly flat, heat resistant plate does not warp and maintains shape over time
  • Recommended for use with a surface adhesive (ex: glue stick, tape or PEI)

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[Gulfcoast Robotics] Thermistor Upgrade for Maker Select Plus and Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus 3D Printers.

Our thermistor can replace stock thermistor in Duplicator i3 / Maker Select V1, V2, V2.1 and Plus 3D Printers. Thermistor assembled with 600C rated ceramic glue and fiberglass insulation wires. Wiring insulation can withstand much higher heat than stock PTFE insulated thermistor, it will result in longer service life and you also can print more different materials on your printer without damaging thermistor.

NTC 3950 HEX thermistor features:

M3x0.5 threaded stud to use in place of M2 clamping screw on MK10 extruder heater block.
Wiring insulation: fiberglass.
Wiring length: 130mm.
Connector type: JST XHP.
NTC 100K thermistor 3950K beta A value.
Use TEMP SENSOR number 11 in Marlin.
High accuracy: 1%.
Resistance value at 25°C=100K

Package contents:

1 x HEX stud NTC 3950 100k Thermistor for Wanhao / Maker Select.

Product Features

  • Drop-in replacement for stock thermistor on MP Maker Select Plus / Wanhao Duplicator Plus
  • Also compatible with MP Maker Select V2.1 and Wanhao Duplicator V2.1
  • Easy to mount with M3 HEX stuв
  • Can hold temperature up to 300C with ceramic glue and fiberglass insulation on leads
  • Designed and manufactured by USA Company

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