NOVA3D Elfin LCD 3D Printer with 4.3″ Smart Touch Screen, UV Photocuring 3D Resin Printer Off-Line Print and WiFi, 5.2″x 2.91″x 5.9″ Print Size

Company Introduction:

Founded in 2016, Shenzhen nova robot technology co., LTD are mainly committed to the development of LCD intelligent 3D printer and 3D printing resin to provide better 3D printing experience for users.

The independent developed NOVAMake slicer support to JCAD direct import the model files directly, needn’t convert to other type files, this function is work excellent to dental and jewelry design.

In Sept 2019, we launched the NOVA Elfin, NOVA Elfin support to offline print, WIFI connective and U-disk connective, the machine also attach 8GB storage, you can copy your file to the machine to print directly.

Usage of the printer:

1. The machine is leveling done before deliver, after you receive it then you just need to assemble the build plate and the resin vat to start your print.

Please note that don’t disassemble the screws unless you need to replace the platform, it need to re-level when it replace.

2. Between the resin vat to the 2K screen have a protect film, please remove it before use.

3. Support Service: Further assistance and suggestion about the product & service, please send us an email directly. Our support will answer within 24 hours.

The General Specifications:

Memory capacity: 8GB

Equipment Size: 270*260*420mm

Printing Precision: About 50*50um

Print Layer Height: 0.025~0.100 mm

Printing Speed: 30-40mm height/h(Max)

Build Size: 132*74*150mm(5.2*2.9*6.9 in)

The Ways of Connective: WIFI, USB cable, U-disk

Input Formats: .stl, .obj, .3mf, .nmk

OS supported: Windows 7 or above

Adapter input: Input 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 2.0A

What in the box?

-The tool kits includes:

Quick operation guide x1 /Power adapter x1 /Power cable x1 /Tweezers x1

Tool kits x1 / Gloves x4 /U-disk x1 / Spatula x1 /Spray bottle x1

FEP film set x1 /Build plate x1 /Resin vat x1 /Funnel x1 /Filter

Product Features

  • ✅ Friendly in Use: Out of the box, our elfin printer leveling done before delivery and fully open to assemble the platform and vat, time-saving to level and friendly use to beginner. We provide free bottle of 250ml test resin, please add it to cart with the printer together.
  • ✅ Smart Display & WIFI Printing: 4.3 inch color display screen for real-time monitoring, the machine also provide 8GB storage, you can copy your model file to the printer to print direct or WIFI printing.
  • ✅ Innovative Light Source: NOVA Elfin 3d printer provide customized designed light source of 2560×1440 2K HD LCD screen, resolution of 0.00185 inches/0.050mm to ensure the high precision when the model curing.
  • ✅ Special Resin Vat Design: Unique resin pour sink design make the resin recycle more convenient. You can pour the resin back to the bottle through the sink with filter paper, avoid the residue resin reveal to resin vat bottom.
  • ✅ Perfect Warranty & Caring: We provide 12 months warranty and life-time technology support to the machine (✪ 2k screen and FEP film excluded), Order from NOVA3D with confidence. Our caring and attentive staffs will respond to all inquires within 24 hours, excluding some holidays.

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ANYCUBIC Photon UV LCD 3D Printer Assembled Innovation with 2.8” Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Print 4.53″(L) x 2.56″(W) x 6.1″(H) Printing Size (Photon)

Worry-free customer service from Anycubic Technology:
For any questions you could contact our salesman on Amazon to get full supports.

User tutorial video:

Technical specification:
Operating System:ANYCUBIC Photon
Screen: 2.8-inch touch screen
Slicer software: ANYCUBIC Photon Slicer
Connection: USB

Technology: LCD
Light-source: UV integrated light(wavelength 405nm)
XY DPI: 47um(2560*1440
Z axis resolution: 1.25um
Layer resolution: 25 ~ 100um
Printing speed: 20mm/h
Rated Power: 40W

Physical parameter:
Printer size: 220mm*200mm*400mm
Printing volume: 115mm *65mm *155mm (4.52″*2.56″*6.1″)
Printing material: 405nm photosensitive resin
N.W: 7.2kgjyhwqqw
G.W: 9.5kg

1.Avoid direct contact with skin when handling the resin. Flush with plenty of water if contact by accident.
2.Pour resin back from the vat to storage bottle if the printer will not be used for over 2 days.
3.Ensure there is no solid residuals from last print when start new print.
4.Use tissue to clean the vat when change resin.
5.The printed objects can be further hardened under sun-ray or UV-light source.

Package content:
1* ANYCUBIC Photon 3D printer
1* USB memory
3* Rubber Gloves
1* Set of kits
1* Power cord
1* Power supply
1* Scraper
1* Breathing Mask

Product Features

  • ◆EASY TO USE◆:Easy to set up, leveling was a breeze. Software is relatively simple to use. Only 4 settings far fewer settings to adjust vs FDM printer.
  • ◆INCREDIBLE RESOLUTION◆:Make tiny parts with accuracy, much smoother detail and quality than the FDM printer.
  • ◆FAST SHIPPING◆: Multiple models on a build plate don’t add to the build time. A larger miniature takes about 2-3 hours, 6 at once takes the same 2-3 hours.
  • ◆INDUSTRIAL QUALITY◆: All of the faces have a perfect satin finish. Any curves, chamfers, or bevels are are flawless. All of the blue bits and all of the red knobs are anodized.
  • ◆AFTER-SALE SERVICE◆:All ANYCUBIC 3D printers are backed with lifetime technical support;any questions regarding product operation or software please feel free to contact us.

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BIQU 3D Printer Part TFT 2.4 Inch Touch Screen Display RepRap Smart Controller Panel Similar 12864 LCD for Ender 3 SKR V1.3 MKS Gen Control Board (TFT 24 for Ender 3)

Product Description
TFT24 Touch Screen Youtube Video:

Appearance size: 105*46mm
Microprocessor: STM32F105RCT6
Input voltage: 5V

Some Important Tips for TFT 24 Touch Screen
1,When using class 12864 screen mode, connect to the motherboard’s EXP1 and EXP2, in which No touch function
2. When using serial-screen mode, connect to TFT or AUX-2 on the motherboard via RS232. Touch function run in this mode
3,The two modes correspond to different firmware, please wire according to the pattern type of flashed firmware
4,There are two choice in the listing, if you select the “TFT 24 For Rnder 3”, we will send the extra cable which can connect with Ender 3 printer directly. Otherwise,it can’t connect without a special designed cable

How to update Firmware
1,Log in the open source website of our company to download:
2,Firmware file name:
BIGTREE_TFT24_12864_(version code).bin
BIGTREE_TFT24_Serial_(version code).bin

First copy the above firmware to SD root directory, and then insert the card into the SD card slot of the board
Next please re-power the board or press the reset key, and wait for about 10 seconds before the update is completed

Packing List
TFT 24 Screen *1 Cable *3(show as picture)

Product Features

  • Using 32bit frequency 72MHz ARM level Cortex-M3 series STM32F105RCT6 Microprocessor, the performance has been greatly improved
  • UART serial screen and 12864 screen two operating modes can be selected with more higher compatibility
  • Serial-screen mode supports both SD card and USB flash drive printing
  • Easy to operate with SD card to upgrade the Firmware

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