USB Heated 3D Printer Finishing Tool With 4 Coated Tips Designed To Finish, Repair and Modify 3D Printed Parts, Soldering Iron Tool

USB powered heated tool with long life soldering tip, with LED indicator light and touch switch. Includes coated interchangeable tips designed to finish, repair and modify 3D printed parts. Replaces much of the sanding, scraping and snapping tool to finish off your 3d prints. Designed to finish 3D printing models. Fully functioning USB powered soldering iron. Small and compact for portability. Rapid heat up and instant recovery. Long life tip can be easily replaced and has protective cap. 4 interchangeable tips included: needle, knife, scoop and point. Special tip coating to prevent sticking. Basic stand included. Power: 8 W. Input: 5 VDC USB 2.0 / 3.0 recommended. Highest heating temperature: 380°C – 400°C , 716°F – 752°F. Heating time: < 15 seconds. Cooling time: < 30 seconds. Auto Shut Off (sleep mode): 25 seconds idle. LED indicator: Yes

Product Features

  • PRECISE: The pen like form makes it very comfortable to use and easy to control when precision is important. Works with PLA, ABS and other 3D printing materials.
  • REPLACES: The sanding, scraping and snapping tool to finish off your 3d prints.
  • 4 SPECIALLY COATED TIPS: 4 interchangeable tips included: needle, knife, scoop and point. Tips have special coating to prevent plastic sticking to the tip.
  • TIPS INCLUDE: KNIFE for cutting and removing sections including the removal of supports, brims, and rafts from your 3D print; NEEDLE: for clearing small holes and features or for detailed layer refinements in hard to reach places; POINT: general purpose tip for larger internal features and holes. Can also be used to make holes after printing; SCOOP: perfect to remove stringing and imperfections from inside holes or recesses. Can also be used to blend surfaces
  • COMPACT: Small and compact for portability. Size: 0.59″ x 6.06″ – 15 x 117 mm (without tips). Weight: 4.23 oz – 120 g

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Heat-set insert installation tip for #4-40, M3, and M5 inserts compatible with Weller and Hakko soldering irons. Used for connecting 3D printed parts using heat-set inserts.

Heat set inserts are a great way to improve connection strength between 3D printed parts. However, if you have tried to set heat-set inserts in your plastic or 3D printed part with your soldering iron, you may have had the frustration of pushing the insert in only to have it come right back out stuck to your soldering iron and ruining your part in the process. Most soldering iron tips can catch on the rim of the insert causing it to stick on the iron when you pull the iron out. If you use the “horizontal method” it’s hard to know the insert is straight. Our insert tips have a vertical wall that solves that problem. The iron pulls right out after pressing the hot insert. Because the shoulder is square it’s easier to know if the insert is square in the piece, something that’s harder to control with a conical soldering tip. The shank is much longer (0.75″) and narrower than what you get with the McMaster-Carr insert tip (only 0.25″ long), allowing you to set small inserts into corners of parts without melting the side of the part. This is especially useful if you’re mounting a circuit board in a 3D printed box or doing a mounting that requires the insert to come close to the edge of the part. Who wants to pay $15 plus shipping just for one size McMaster tip that is only a few millimeters long and only good for a few types of applications? Who wants to buy another soldering iron just to fit the tip? Compatibility with 1/4″ Weller insert and set screw style and internal ceramic heating element units like Hakko hopefully will let you use the iron you already own. These tips are 1.6″ (40 mm) long with the tip portion about 0.75″ (19mm). There is a 5/32″ internal cavity for ceramic heaters. On Weller irons, the 1/4″ shank can be extended as far as the set screw will allow. On Hakko irons, the 0.75″ is the reach with 1/4″ clearance. Two tips included, one for #4-40 and M3 and the other for M5 inserts.

Product Features

  • Longer shank than McMaster tip allows you to reach deeper into 3D printed parts and tight corners to install heat-set inserts without touching your iron and melting the plastic
  • Installation tip works better than soldering iron tip since conical tips can catch on the insert and accidentally pull the insert out while melting the plastic and ruining the part.
  • One tip works for #4-40 and M3 and the other tip works for M5 inserts for same price as one McMaster tip. More types of inserts and better reach than other installation tips. #4/M3 tip works okay for #6 and M4 inserts, but just not a perfect fit…still better than a soldering iron.
  • Tips are compatible with both 1/4″ Weller irons and internal ceramic heaters of many Hakko models. No other tip is compatible with both kinds of soldering irons. McMaster tip is not at all compatible with Hakko irons. These installation tips slide over the ceramic heating element of the Hakko irons, just like the soldering iron tip, while still fitting in the 1/4″ chamber of a Weller iron.
  • If you need some brass inserts to get going, search Amazon for UPC 040232004094 which has 20 #4-40 inserts included with the installation tips. A must-have for every 3D printer toolbox. Made in Colorado, USA. Not intended to be used for soldering. Soldering iron not included.

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Nulink™ Kapton Polyimide Heat High Temperature Resistant Adhesive Gold Tape For Electric Task, 3D Printer Platform, BGA Heating, Soldering Task [Amber, Wide: 200mm, Length: 100ft, 1MIL]

Product Description

The NuLink 1MIL Kapton tape is completely and perfectly work on any environmental and made with general purpose film with silicon adhesive. This film is excellent for electrical insulation properties, high temperature resistant, and solvent resistant. It is great for Electric task, 3D printer platform, BGA heating, soldering task. It is color in Amber, and prevent overheat electrical component.


Color: Amber
Adhesion Type: Silicone
Film Thickness: 1.0 Mil
Adhesive Thickness: 1.0Mil
Total Thickness: 2.0 Mil
Adhesion to Steel: 25 oz//inch
Tensile Strength: 30 (lbs/inch)
Elongation: >40 %
Dielectric Strength: 8,000 volts
UL-94 Flammability Rating: V-0
Insulation Resistance: 1,000,000 mega ohms
Electrolytic Corrosion Factor: 1
Temperature Resistance: 280¢XC (536¢XF)
Resistance to acids, oils, solvents: Excellent
Length: 100ft

Package Includes:

1 x 200mm, 100ft Kapton Polyimide Heat High Temperature Resistant Adhesive

Product Features

  • Premuim quality and prefect for BGA, Soldering, 3D Printing Task
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties, high temperature resistant, and excellent solvent resistant
  • Combines excellent physical electrical and mechanical proerties.
  • Heat Resistance: 280C/536F
  • Color: Amber, Wide: 200mm, Length: 100ft

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