Aokin 3D Printer UV Resin Curing Light 405nm for SLA DLP 3D Printer Solidify Photopolymer Resin UV Resin with 10W Output Effect, DIY Curing Station or Curing Box

Aokin 3D Printer UV Resin Curing Light 405nm for SLA DLP 3D Printer Solidify Photopolymer Resin UV Resin with 10W Output Effect, DIY Curing Station or Curing Box


The lamp can be used in DIY curing station or curing box and handheld applications.

Just not stare at the light for a long time during operation and minimize skin exposure. If you have goggles, please wear an eye protection device when using this light.

The LED UV light is equal to 10 times the brightness of traditional UV lamp, 1W is equal to 10W. Power consumption is only one-tenth of the traditional UV lamp, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

This UV LED light with 6 high power 405nm UV LED, can fast cure the resin prints, make the objects solid efficiently and use less time than usual ways.


Product power: 10W

Input voltage: AC 90-230V

Light body size: 110*85*75mm

Light emission wavelength: 405nm

Lamp type: high-bright foot UV lamp


To achieve the best curing effect, please noted:

1. the wavelength of the photocuring agent contained in the UV glue must be the same as the wavelength emitted by the UV lamp.

2. the UV energy emitted by the UV lamp must meet the energy required for curing the UV glue. The energy of the UV light is proportional to the power of the lamp.

Package Includes:

1 x UV resin curing light

1 x mount nut and bolt

Product Features

  • Feature: this UV LED light with 6 high power 405nm UV LED, can fast cure the resin prints, make the objects cure much faster and stronger and use less time than usual ways.
  • Material: this UV resin curing light is made of aluminum alloy shell and tempered glass lampshade, quite solid construction, ensures durability. LED UV lamps can be used for up to 10,000 hours.
  • Usage: the LED UV lamp should be as close to the surface of the cured object as possible, the closer the distance, the better, within 5 cm to the light, the small size resin can be cured in 8-15 seconds, curing time is based on print size and thicker parts need more time.
  • Safety: cold light source, low heat generation, will not damage the surface of the illuminated object, suitable curing for liquid crystal surface, film printing, etc. the lamp puts out intense and consistent UV light. just not stare at the light for a long time during operation and minimize skin exposure.
  • Use: UV curing (UV glue/crystal glue/ink), Resin curing (SLA DLP print curing), Fluorescent Agent Detection, Photochemical Catalysis, Nail Art, Aging Test, UV Printing, Mobile Phone LCD Screens, Small Part Curing, Scientific Research, etc

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Wangdd22 3D Printer J-head Dual V6 Head Extruder Hotend with 0.4mm Nozzle 12V Cooling Fan and M4 Fisheye Effector Hanging Station for 1.75mm Filament


V6 Extruder:
●With PTFE in hot regions of our HotEnd we can reach 260C with the supplied thermistor. By swapping a thermistor for a thermocouple (may require additional electronics) you can reach over 280C.
●This not only allows you to print extremely high temperature materials like PP/ Polycarbonate and Nylons but also eliminates HotEnd meltdown failures associated . latest v6 hotend has a PTFE liner inside the hotend this liner is never subjected to high temperatures so there is no risk of damaging the liner through overheating.
●Our new HeaterBlock gives the fastest heat up times and the most responsive temperature control by clamping around the cartridge for maximum thermal contact. The new thermistor placement means you get the most accurate temperature readings with the fastest response. What this means for you the user is that you can go from 20C to 200C in just 65 seconds, temperature control is responsive enough that you can keep the hotend within 0.5C of your set temperature or less with ease.
Type: Bowden J-head Dual V6 Hotend
Included: NTC3950 thermistors and 12V 40W heater
NTC 3950 Thermistor parameters:
High accuracy: 1%
Resistance value at 25°C=100K
Wiring insulation: high temperature teflon/PTFE
Wiring length: 1 meter

Fisheye Effector:
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Scrwe size: M4
This effector fits V6 J-head hotend (bowden and wade),it can hold two J-head together.
Don’t compatible with chimera multi-extrusion hotend and V5 version J-head hotend.

Package includes:
2x long distance V6 J-head extruder with 0.4mm nozzle ,12V heater
2x 12v cooling system
1x dual head M4 effector

Product Features

  • RepRap 3D printer extruder hotend compatible with E3D V6 1.75mm / 0.4mm
  • 12V 40W heater, 12V high speed fan with shroud, NTC 3950 pre-wired thermistor
  • Metal construction with PTFE liner inside, good for ABS, PLA and other conventional print materials
  • Easy No-Solder, No-Tape, No-Adhesive assembly and maintenance.
  • This 3D Printer Dual V6 Hotend is applied for 1.75mm Filament Long-Distance Filament Bowden extruder

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formnext 2016: atum3D Presents DLP Station 4 3D Printer for Both R&D and Production

atum3D presents their new DLP Station 4 at formnext 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany this week. Their latest product, according to the company, is the first machine based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology that can be used for both research and development and production. The DLP Station 4 offers a feature set that allows it to be used in every stage of product development, from prototyping plastic components all the way up to industrial serial production.atum-3d-logo

atum3D, a leader in cost-efficient and high quality 3D manufacturing, rivals traditional production methods, such as injection molding, for the first time with the flexible DLP Station 4, which eliminates all lead time. Designed by award winning Dutch design studio VanBerlo, the printer combines sleek good looks with industrial robustness, modularity, and unprecedented levels of usability.

“We are delighted to introduce this state-of-the-art manufacturing machine in Frankfurt,” says Guy Nyssen, Channel Manager at atum3D. “This versatile DLP Station combines exceptional accuracy and material properties matching ABS and PU with a modular, scalable setup and an integral process to manufacture series of ready-to-use components.”

vanberlo-390x224VanBerlo added some creative details to the DLP Station 4’s unique, stylish aesthetic. Their design was even able to enhance the DLP Station 4’s function, rather than compromise it for the sake of an attractive package. For example, the unique metallic strip at the center of the printer illuminates in different colors, allowing the DLP Station 4 to easily indicate the status of the printer to users.

The printer sits on a plinth, which brings a touch of aplomb to the printer, while also serving a functional purpose. The plinth provides a very useful storage space for all the resins and other materials used in the printing process. VanBerlo also proposed a resdesign of the DLP Station 4’s hood, which protects the integral product components and has a spring release mechanism for easy extension and retraction.


Nyssen explained that the DLP Station 4 can cost-efficiently make series of 1 up to 10.000 pieces, adding, “With the required tolerance levels and finishing, but without the lead times, inflexibility to instantly accommodate minor component changes and required investments in molds or expensive hardware.”

formnext is one of the biggest annual events in additive manufacturing, and attracts much international attention, which led in part to atum3D’s decision to present at the event this year.

Nyssen said, “Apart from the opportunity to meet potential customers, we’re primarily aiming to meet professional distribution partners so we’ll be able to jointly serve customers all over the globe.”

atum3D’s DLP Stations are 192 x 250 x 120 mm, weigh approximately 32kg, and can print at speeds of up to 50mm per hour, depending on resin and the level of detail the print entails. They create components for consumer goods, automotive, aerospace and toys industries, which can be prototyped by product design studios or R&D departments on the very same machine. Visit atum3D at formnext through November 19 in Hall 3.1, stand B88 of Messe Frankfurt.