Painters Tape 2 inch( 3Pk 1.88”× 60 Yards) YOUKOS Blue Painter’s Tape Multi-Use Masking Tape 3D Printer Parts Accessories Painted Walls,Trim,Glass,Metal,Wood Crepe Paper (Youkos-1.88″-60Y-3 Rolls)



★ 【Easy Tear】 YOUKOS Painter’s tape belong on low adhesion painters tape,so it easy tear.

★ 【UV Resistant】 YOUKOS painters tape also suit outdoor decoration(Paint handrail)
★ 【Stain Resistant】Our painters tape resistant to humidity and paint bleed-through,Secure adhesion and stain resistant
★ 【Deliver Paint Lines】 This Painters Tape Good for Curved or Uneven Surfaces.Creates sharp, clean paint lines
★ 【No Residue】 14 Days Clean Removal
★ 【Usage】 Youkos painters tape use on painted Walls,Painted Automitve,Trim,Glass,Metal,Wood,etc
★ 【Range of Application】 Great for applications indoors and outdoors

Product Parameter:

(1)Package: 3 * Masking Tape 

(2)Each roll: 60 Yards & 1.88 inch wide.


Product Features

  • ★ [Certificate] YOUKOS painters tape quality have pass ISO9001:2015
  • ★ [Usage] Blue Painters Tape Use In Painted Walls,Edge-Lock Paint,Trim,Glass,Metal,Wood,etc,Good for Curved or Uneven Surfaces.Creates sharp, clean paint lines
  • ★ [Advantage] Resistant to humidity and paint bleed-through,Secure adhesion and stain resistant, 14 Days Clean Removal,No Residue
  • ★ [Dunacity] Youkos Painter’s Tape have Strong Dunacity,Resistant fracture
  • ★ [After-sales Service ] Youkos PaintersTape offer 30 Days refund

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4″ in WIDE 3D Printing LOW TEMP Blue Painters Tape Masking Clean Release Easy Removal NO RESIDUE 3D Printer bed grip deck cover EZ Easy Print Removal 60 Yd 4″ Inch

3D printing enthusiasts will LOVE this tape! Cover your printer bed deck for easy removal of prints and replace tape easily as it wears. 3D printers do not come with good surfaces for easy print removal.

This Blue Painters Tape features a specially formulated, high tack adhesive. Works for textured, semi-rough, or smooth surfaces and has the tackiness it needs to adhere to your surfaces yet allows for clean removal up to 21 days. Heat from prints will greatly affect this however!

High performance masking tape is for general industrial, construction, and do-it-yourself use. The acrylic adhesive system will not dry out or lose holding power. Works well on drywall, glass, hardwood floors, wood trim, and a variety of surfaces. Most typical use is LATEX paint jobs and window protection mask off.

Very Important: Surfaces must be well cleaned, dust free, greaseless, and very dry before application. While the backing of the tape is moisture resistant the adhesive is definitely not. ALL adhesive is pressure & heat sensitive. Make sure you press it firmly after application. Apply at room temperature or above if possible. The dryer and warmer the installation area, the more you run your fingers over it, the better the adhesion (less bleed). REMOVE ASAP! (always pull gently at slight angle AWAY from painted edge) Painters tape is known as semi-permanent removable, it gets stronger every day. The longer you leave it on the more difficulty removing it. Rolled or brushed paint jobs require much sooner removal than sprayed.

Blue Painters Tape is not for everything! May not play well with all types of oil based paints, lacquers, etc. You must be willing to experiment, there are 100’s of kinds of tape for a reason.

Other uses: 3D print bed masking or printer deck covering, Glue or Caulk lines, Over spray protection, Chrome protection when cutting or grinding.

Product Features

  • Premium #1 Grade USA MADE Product – Thicker paper, Stronger adhesive for Contractors & Pros
  • 6 Mil High Tack creped backing, 22.0 steel adhesion, 20 lb tensile strength, 9% elongation
  • UV Resistant for 10 days up to 150 degrees outdoors, 40-125 indoor range for 21 day clean removal
  • 3D Printer bed print surfaces – Strong, flexible, durable, versatile – broad range of applications
  • Dispenser friendly, Pulls off roll VERY quick without tearing, needs LESS pressure to stick down.

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3D Printing Build Surface Tapes 3D Printer Plate Tape 9.8″x8.3″ 30 Sheets


If you are the 3D printing enthusiasts, you must love this tape

Single sheets make it easy to apply and remove tape from the build plate

Cover your printer bed deck for easy removal of prints and replace tape easily as it wears

Professional grade multi-use contractors tape featuring a specially formulated, high tack adhesive

Works for textured, semi-rough, or smooth surfaces, ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal


Color: blue

Dimension: 9.8″x8.3″ L x W

Number of Items: packages of 30 sheets

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Product Features

  • Perfect tape to use for your 3D printer
  • Easy to apply and remove, doesn’t easily tear
  • Covers most 3D printer print beds with one single piece
  • Removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage
  • Adheres quickly and easily to a painted walls, trim, wallpaper, glass and wood

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