TP-DIY Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet Design 3D Print Case Cover for iPod Touch 5th TP-DIY-05674

This Hard Case Cover for iPod Touch 5th is made of environmental-friendly material. The back of this case is covered by a fashionable designed high quality printed picture that makes your phone special! Protect the frame from scratches and ab

Product Features

  • Excellent protection
  • Easy install and unload.
  • Made of high quality material.
  • 100% Brand new in high quality.
  • Design to perfect-fit precision for your ipod 4th.

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3D Touch 3D CAD Printer Double Head (color smoke) with TurboCAD Pro 19

The 3D Touch (formerly BFB 3000 Plus) 3D Printer – Double Head. Bring your 3D models and CAD drawings to life with the 3D Touch 3D printer. With its clear and open design and simple interface, the 3D Touch 3D printer is ideal for the home, classroom and office environment. Create prototypes, models, RC parts, toys…the list is endless!

BFB 3D printers are based on additive layer manufacturing (ALM) methods. Using thermoplastics, a BFB 3D printer heats the material through the extruder (or print head). The extruder then pushes out a very fine plastic thread which is applied layer by layer according to x and y co-ordinates, building a solid, 3D object.

Our best-selling pre-assembled 3D printer – perfect for the office, classroom or home environment
# Clear and open design
# Clean, tidy nozzle and purging area – easily removable
# Machine reads directly form SD card – no PC connectivity required
# Desktop-sized machine with large print area (up to 275 x 275 x 210mm)
# Double-head machine enables the use of support material for more complex geometries

Easy to use and maintain, no need for maintenance contracts
# One piece heater barrel allows easy material change
# Enhanced head to bed adjustment makes for easy maneuvering

Complemented by BFB Axon 2 software
# Purpose-written software to easily convert your STL files so they’re ready for printing
# Friendly and familiar user interface

Designed and engineered to be accurate and robust, yet simple.
# Extremely rigid, durable frame providing excellent mechanical stiffness
# Ultra-compact extruders deliver material with control and precision

Basic Specs
# Weight: 38 kg
# Dimensions (mm): 600 × 600 × 700
# Availability: Usually delivered within 2 weeks of order payment.

TurboCAD Pro Software Included!

Product Features

  • Bring your 3D models and CAD drawings to life
  • Double Head 3D Printer
  • Clear and open design
  • A perfect machine for students, educators and hobbyists alike
  • Includes TurboCAD Pro 19 Software $1295 value!

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