PLA MAX Grey PLA Filament 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament 1KG 2.2LBS Spool 3D Printing Materials Strength High Toughness Than PLA Pro(+) Plus Normal PLA Filament

3D Printer PLA MAX filament
Color:Slate Grey
Material:PLA(By strengthening treatment)
Diameter (Tolerance): 1.75 mm ±0.04 mm
Net Weight: 1000g
Recommended Printing Temp: 200 – 235 °C
Recommended Printing Speed: 30 – 90 mm/s
Heated Bed: 0~ 60 °C

PLA Max Advantages:
Superb layer bonding
Prints are hard to break.
High rigidity.
No cracking or brittle problem.
Several times tougher than Regular (normal) PLA.
Better Line Diameter Control.
Smoother finished printing out.

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Product Features

  • PLA MAX Filaments are made of high-quality materials and special technique.
  • Have higher strength and better toughness.PLA Pro(+) Upgraded version.
  • It is a new 3D Printing materials to replace PLA Pro(PLA +)(PLUS).
  • Industrial & Scientific Additive Manufacturing Products 3D Printing Supplies 3D Printing Filament
  • Only sold by zhuopu new material.

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